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Dataset - A complex network of additive and epistatic quantitative trait loci underlies natural variation of Arabidopsis thaliana quantitative disease resistance to Ralstonia solanacearum under heat stress

Fabrice Roux
Plant immunity is often negatively impacted by heat stress. However, the underlying molecular mechanisms remain poorly characterized. Based on a genome-wide association mapping approach, this study aims to identify in Arabidopsis thaliana the genetic bases of robust resistance mechanisms to the devastating pathogen Ralstonia solanacearum under heat stress. A local mapping population was phenotyped against the R. solanacearum GMI1000 strain at 27 and 30 °C. To obtain a precise description of the genetic architecture underlying...

IASI-FT Sea Surface Temperature (from IASI/Metop-B)

Ana Claudia Parracho & Sarah Safieddine
The IASI Sea Surface Temperature (SST) product is a monthly (level L3), 1×1 degree global dataset of skin temperatures over the sea derived from the IASI satellite radiances data. The dataset consists of monthly mean TXT files. Each file is a grid organized by latitude (-90 to 89 °N) and longitude (-180 to 180 °E). The land and sea ice grid points are filled using NaN. Size of the grid: 180 lines and 361 columns....

Population collapse in viviparid gastropods of the Lake Victoria ecoregion started before the Last Glacial Maximum

Bert Van Bocxlaer, Catharina Clewing, Anne Duputié, Camille Roux & Christian Albrecht
For the purpose of reproducibility, we here provide the datasets and R script supporting the analyses of the paper “Population collapse in viviparid gastropods of the Lake Victoria ecoregion started before the Last Glacial Maximum” by Van Bocxlaer et al. This paper has been accepted for publication in Molecular Ecology on 31 July 2020. In this study, we examine the population structure of the clade of Bellamya gastropods that occupies the Lake Victoria ecoregion with...

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