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Data from: Reduced mitochondrial respiration in hybrid asexual lizards

Randy L. Klabacka, Hailey A. Parry, Kang Nian Yap, Ryan A. Cook, Victoria A. Herron, L. Miles Horne, Jose A. Maldonado, Jamie R. Oaks, Andreas N. Kavazis, Matthew K. Fujita, Tonia S. Schwartz & Matthew E. Wolak
The scarcity of asexual reproduction in vertebrates alludes to an inherent cost. Several groups of asexual vertebrates exhibit lower endurance capacity (a trait predominantly sourced by mitochondrial respiration) compared to congeneric sexual species. Here we measure endurance capacity in five species of Aspidoscelis lizards and examine mitochondrial respiration between sexual and asexual species using mitochondrial respirometry. Our results show reduced endurance capacity, mitochondrial respiration, and phenotypic variability in asexual species compared to parental sexual species...

Data for: Neuromuscular embodiment of feedback control elements in Drosophila flight

Samuel Whitehead, Sofia Leone, Theodore Lindsay, Matthew Meiselman, Noah Cowan, michael dickinson, Nilay Yapici, David Stern, Troy Shirangi & Itai Cohen

Data from: Extra-pair paternity correlates with genetic diversity, but not breeding density, in a Neotropical passerine, the Black Catbird

Joshua Burke LaPergola, Christina Riehl, Juan Martínez-Gómez, Blanca Roldán-Clarà & Robert Curry
The frequency of extra-pair paternity (EPP) varies widely across socially monogamous birds, but the proximate mechanisms driving this variation remain unclear. In this study, we tested two major factors hypothesized to influence extra-pair mating—breeding density and genetic diversity—by comparing genetic mating patterns in two populations of black catbirds Melanoptila glabrirostris. This Neotropical songbird is endemic to the Yucatán Peninsula, including eastern Mexico, and its offshore islands. We sampled one mainland (Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve) and...

Spatiotemporal variation in hatching success and nestling sex ratios track rapid movement of a songbird hybrid zone

Robert Driver, Valentina Ferretti, Emily S. Burton, Michael W. McCoy, Kerri C. Duerr & Robert L. Curry
Hybridization often occurs at the parapatric range interface between closely related species, but fitness outcomes vary: hybrid offspring exhibit diverse rates of viability and reproduction when compared to their parental species. The mobile hybrid zone between two chickadee congeners ( Poecile atricapillus x P. carolinensis ) has been well studied behaviorally and genetically but the viability of hybrids, as well as the underlying mechanisms contributing to hybrid fitness, have remained unclear. To better characterize the...

A global analysis of viviparity in squamates highlights its prevalence in cold climates

Anna Zimin, Sean Zimin, Richard Shine, Luciano Avila, Aaron Bauer, Monika Böhm, Rafe Brown, Goni Barki, Gabriel Henrique De Oliveira Caetano, Fernando-Castro Herrera, David Chapple, Laurent Chirio, Guarino Colli, Tiffany Doan, Frank Glaw, L. Lee Grismer, Yuval Itescu, Fred Kraus, Matthew LeBreton, Marcio Martins, Mariana Morado, Gopal Murali, Zoltán Nagy, Maria Novosolov, Paul Oliver … & Shai Meiri
Aim: Viviparity has evolved more times in squamates than in any other vertebrate group. Therefore, squamates offer an excellent model system to study the patterns, drivers, and implications of reproductive mode evolution. Based on current species distributions we examined three selective forces hypothesized to drive squamate viviparity evolution: (1) cold climate, (2) variable climate, and (3) hypoxic conditions, and tested whether viviparity is associated with larger body size. Location: Global. Time period: present day. Taxon:...

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