Data from: How do functional traits syndromes covary with growth and reproductive performance in a water-stressed population of Fagus sylvatica?

Aurore Bontemps, Hendrik Davi, François Lefèvre, Philippe Rozenberg & Sylvie Oddou-Muratorio
A central issue in plant evolutionary ecology is to understand how several coordinated suites of traits (i.e. traits syndrome) may be jointly selected within a single species. This study aims to describe patterns of variation and co-variation of functional traits in a water-stressed tree population and test their relationships with performance traits. Within a Mediterranean population of Fagus sylvatica experiencing recurrent summer droughts, we investigated the phenotypic variation of leaf unfolding phenology, Leaf Area (LA),...

Registration Year

  • 2017

Resource Types

  • Dataset


  • French National Institute for Agricultural Research
  • Ecologie des Forêts Méditerranéennes