Data from: Star-shaped trace fossil and Phymatoderma from Neogene deep-sea deposits in central Japan: probable echiuran feeding and fecal traces

Kentaro Izumi & Kazuko Yoshizawa
A co-occurrence of the ichnogenus Phymatoderma and a star-shaped horizontal trace fossil was discovered from Neogene deep-marine deposits (Misaki Formation, central Japan), and is described herein for the first time. Phymatoderma consists of a straight to slightly curved tunnel that shows first- or second-order branches. The tunnels are 5.30–27.25 mm in diameter and are filled with ellipsoidal pellets. The relatively well-preserved star-shaped trace fossil is a large horizontal structure (~18 cm×19 cm) that consists of...

Registration Year

  • 2016

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  • Dataset


  • National Institute for Environmental Studies
  • University of Tokyo