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Pathogenic and low frequency variants in children with central precocious puberty

Vassos Neocleous, Pavlos Fanis, Meropi Toumba, Barbara Gorka, Ioanna Kousiappa, George Tanteles, Michalis Iasonides, Nicolas Nicolaides, Yiolanda Christou, Kyriaki Michailidou, Stella Nicolaou, Savvas Papacostas, Athanasios Christoforides, Andreas Kyriakou, Dimitrios Vlachakis, Nicos Skordis & Leonidas Phylactou
Background Central precocious puberty (CPP) due to premature activation of GnRH secretion results in early epiphyseal fusion and to a significant compromise in the achieved final adult height. CPP is usually idiopathic and is disproportionally observed in girls compared to boys. Currently, only few genetic determinants of children with CPP have been described and the role they exert on the development of the disorder. In this original study rare variants in MKRN3, DLK1, KISS1, KISS1R...

Determination of volatile substances in olives and their effect on reproduction of the olive fruit fly

Anastasia Kokkari, Panagiotis Milonas, Eirini Anastasaki, Georgios Floros, Nikos Kouloussis & Dimitrios Koveos
Females of the olive fruit fly Bactrocera oleae lay their eggs on olives mainly using fruit volatile stimuli. Using GC-MS analysis, we determined the chemical composition of the volatile blend emitted from field-collected olive fruit of cv. Megaritiki, at different stages of growth. The identified chemicals were tested in the laboratory with regard to their effect on mating and egg production of the fly. GC-MS analysis demonstrated qualitative and quantitative differences in the headspace blend...

Dataset for estimation of the biotic and climatic niche breadths and geographic range size of beech (Fagus) species worldwide

Qiong Cai, Erik Welk, Chengjun Ji, Wenjing Fang, Francesco Maria Sabatini, Jianxiao Zhu, Jiangling Zhu, Zhiyao Tang, Fabio Attorre, Juan Antonio Campos, Andraž Čarni, Milan Chytrý, Süleyman Çoban, Jürgen Dengler, Jiri Dolezal, Richard Field, József Pál Frink, Hamid Gholizadeh, Adrian Indreica, Ute Jandt, Dirk Nikolaus Karger, Jonathan Lenoir, Robert K. Peet, Remigiusz Pielech, Michele De Sanctis … & Helge Bruelheide
This dataset could be used to test whether the commonly observed positive range size–niche breadth relationship, as posited by the “niche breadth hypothesis”, exists for Fagus, one of the most dominant and widespread broad‐leaved deciduous tree genera in temperate forests of the Northern Hemisphere. There are many ways to estimate niche breadth. Here, we estimated biotic and climatic niche breadths per species using plot‐based co‐occurrence data and climate data, respectively. The range sizes of the...

Kamara Mine Network

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Temporary network for local seismicity monitoring in the Kamara Mine (central Greece) area

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  • 2021

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  • Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
  • University of the Basque Country
  • Yunnan University
  • National Institute for Research and Development in Forestry "Marin Drăcea"
  • Aarhus University
  • Transylvania University of Brașov
  • Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa
  • University of Nottingham
  • Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics
  • University of Picardie Jules Verne