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The genus Diaphanosoma (Diplostraca: Sididae) in Greece: Morphological and molecular assessment

Rafailia Alexiou, Georgia Stamou, Styliani Minoudi, Filio Tourli, Valentina Tsartsianidou, Alexandros Triantafyllidis & Evangelia Michaloudi
For the genus Diaphanosoma Fischer (Cladocera) the species’ name “D. brachyurum” has been widely used for many decades to identify other species belonging to this genus. To clarify the diversity of the genus in Greek lakes in the present study we morphologically and genetically identified the Diaphanosoma species occurring in eight lakes. Three hundred twenty-nine Diaphanosoma individuals were morphologically examined while for the genetic analyses the mtDNA COI gene was sequenced in 48 individuals. Combining...

Data and scripts from: Replacement drives native β-diversity of British avifauna, while richness differences shape alien β-diversity

Maria Lazarina, Stefanos Sgardelis, Danai-Eleni Michailidou, Mariana Tsianou, , Konstantinos Touloumis & Athanasios Kallimanis
Aim: We explored the range shifts of alien and native birds, the responses of alien and native β-diversity to abiotic factors, and the effect of native diversity on alien β-diversity in two time periods. Location: Great Britain. Time period: 1968–1972, 2007–2011. Taxa studied: Breeding birds. Methods: We estimated range shifts of alien and native species between the periods 1968–1972 and 2007–2011. Following, β-diversity of alien and native communities was estimated by Jaccard pairwise index (βtot)...

An experimental test of the Growth Rate Hypothesis as a predictive framework for microevolutionary adaptation

Kimberley Lemmen, Libin Zhou, Spiros Papakostas & Steven Declerck
The growth rate hypothesis (GRH), a central concept of ecological stoichiometry, posits that the relative body phosphorus content of an organism is positively related to somatic growth rate as protein synthesis, which is necessary for growth, requires P-rich rRNA and has strong support at the interspecific level. Here, we explore the use of the GRH to predict microevolutionary responses in consumer body stoichiometry. For this, we subjected zooplankton populations to selection for fast population growth...

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