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Plant landscape abundance and soil fungi modulate drought effects on plant-soil feedbacks

Nianxun Xi, Kerri Crawford & Jonathan De Long
Plant-soil feedbacks (PSF) play an important role in determining plant community structure and dynamics. However, previous studies have provided mixed results for the relationship between PSF and plant landscape abundance (i.e., abundance across local communities). This may reflect the mediation of climate factors on PSF. Here, we tested how PSF of tree species varied with local abundances by growing seedlings in conspecific versus heterospecific soil and how simulated drought altered PSF-plant abundance relationships. Six tree...

Data from: Impacts of urbanization on insect herbivory and plant defences in oak trees

Xoaquín Moreira, Luis Abdala-Roberts, Jorge Berny Mier C. Y Terán, Felisa Covelo, Raúl De La Mata, Marta Francisco, Bess Hardwick, Ricardo M. Pires, Tomas Roslin, Dmitry S. Schigel, Jan P.J.G. Ten Hoopen, Bart G.H. Timmermans, Laura J.A. Van Dijk, Bastien Castagneyrol, Ayco J.M. Tack, Jorge C. Berny Mier Y Teran, Laura J. A. Van Dijk & Ayco J. M. Tack
Systematic comparisons of species interactions in urban vs. rural environments can improve our understanding of shifts in ecological processes due to urbanization. However, such studies are relatively uncommon and the mechanisms driving urbanization effects on species interactions (e.g., between plants and insect herbivores) remain elusive. Here we investigated the effects of urbanization on leaf herbivory by insect chewers and miners associated with the English oak (Quercus robur) by sampling trees in rural and urban areas...

Data from: Changes in the foliar fungal community between oak leaf flushes along a latitudinal gradient in Europe

Álvaro Gaytán, Ahmed Abdelfattah, Maria Faticov, Xoaquin Moreira, Bastien Castagneyrol, Inge Van Halder, Pieter De Frenne, Camille Meeussen, Bart G. H. Timmermans, Jan P. J. G. Ten Hoopen, Pil U. Rasmussen, Nick Bos, Raimo Jaatinen, Pertti Pulkkinen, Sara Söderlund, Karl Gotthard, Katharina Pawlowski & Ayco J. M. Tack
Aim: To advance our understanding of how foliar fungal communities are structured and assembled, we assessed to what extent leaf flush and latitude can explain the within- and among-tree variation in the foliar fungal community in a foundation tree species, the pedunculate oak Quercus robur. Location: A latitudinal gradient spanning c. 20 degrees in latitude in Europe. Major taxa studied: The foliar fungal community on Quercus robur. Methods: We examined the main and interactive effects...

Data from: Latitudinal variation in plant chemical defences drives latitudinal patterns of leaf herbivory

Xoaquón Moreira, Bastien Castagneyrol, Luis Abdala-Roberts, Jorge C. Berny-Mier Y Terán, Bart G. H. Timmermans, Hans Henrik Kehlet Bruun, Felisa Covelo, Gaétan Glauser, Sergio Rasmann, Ayco J. M. Tack & Hans Henrik Bruun
A long-standing paradigm in ecology holds that herbivore pressure and thus plant defences increase towards lower latitudes. However, recent work has challenged this prediction where studies have found no relationship or opposite trends where herbivory or plant defences increase at higher latitudes. Here we tested for latitudinal variation in herbivory, chemical defences (phenolic compounds), and nutritional traits (phosphorus and nitrogen) in leaves of a long-lived tree species, the English oak Quercus robur. We further investigated...

Data from: Urbanization affects oak–pathogen interactions across spatial scales

Laura Van Dijk, Xoaquin Moreira, Anna Barr, Luis Abdala-Roberts, Bastien Castagneyrol, Maria Faticov, Bess Hardwick, Jan Ten Hoopen, Raul De La Mata, Ricardo Matheus Pires, Tomas Roslin, Dmitry Schigel, Bart Timmermans & Ayco Tack
The world is rapidly urbanizing, thereby transforming natural landscapes and changing the abundance and distribution of organisms. However, insights into the effects of urbanization on species interactions, and plant-pathogen interactions in particular, are lacking. We investigated the effects of urbanization on powdery mildew infection on Quercus robur at continental and within-city scales. At the continental scale, we compared infection levels between urban and rural areas of different-sized cities in Europe, and investigated whether plant traits,...

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