Data from: Postoperative changes in fecal bacterial communities and fermentation products in obese patients undergoing bilio-intestinal bypass

Vania Patrone, Elia Vajana, Andrea Minuti, Maria L. Callegari, Alessandro Federico, Carmela Loguercio, Marcello Dallio, Salvatore Tolone, Ludovico Docimo & Lorenzo Morelli
We assessed the gut microbial ecology of 11 severely obese patients before and after bilio-intestinal bypass (BIB). Fecal samples were evaluated for microbial communities using 16S rDNA Illumina sequencing, real-time PCR targeting functional genes, and gas chromatography of short chain fatty acids (SCFAs). At 6 months after surgery, subjects exhibited significant improvements in metabolic markers (body weight, glucose, and lipid metabolism) compared with baseline. The fecal microbiota of post-surgery individuals was characterized by an overall...

Registration Year

  • 2016

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  • Dataset


  • Second University of Naples
  • Catholic University of the Sacred Heart