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Data from: Historical introgression and the persistence of ghost alleles in the intermediate horseshoe bat (Rhinolophus affinis)

Xiuguang Mao, Guimei He, Panyu Hua, Gareth Jones, Shuyi Zhang & Stephen J. Rossiter
Phylogenetic conflicts between genetic markers can help to disentangle complex histories of phylogeography and introgression among taxa. We previously proposed that the Chinese mainland subspecies of the intermediate horseshoe bat Rhinolophus affinis himalayanus colonized Hainan Island to form the subspecies R. a. hainanus. Subsequent recolonization of the mainland formed a third taxon, R. a macrurus, and a secondary contact zone with the ancestral himalayanus. To test for historical and recurrent genetic exchange between these mainland...

Data from: Genotypic diversity enhances invasive ability of Spartina alterniflora

Xiao-Yan Wang, Dong-Wei Shen, Jing Jiao, Na-Na Xu, Shuo Yu, Xue-Feng Zhou, Miao-Miao Shi & Xiao-Yong Chen
Although genetic diversity is very important for alien species, which have to cope with new environments, little is known about the role that genetic diversity plays in their invasive success. In this study, we set up a manipulation experiment including three levels of genotypic diversity to test whether genotypic diversity can enhance the invasive ability of alien species, in our case the invasive Spartina alterniflora in China, and to infer the underlying mechanisms. There was...

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  • 2012

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