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Data from: Consequences of life history switch point plasticity for juvenile morphology and locomotion in the TĂșngara frog

Julie F. Charbonnier & James R. Vonesh
Many animals with complex life cycles can cope with environmental uncertainty by altering the timing of life history switch points through plasticity. Pond hydroperiod has important consequences for the fitness of aquatic organisms and many taxa alter the timing of life history switch points in response to habitat desiccation. For example, larval amphibians can metamorphose early to escape drying ponds. Such plasticity may induce variation in size and morphology of juveniles which can result in...

Data from: Post-metamorphic carry-over effects of larval digestive plasticity

Sarah S. Bouchard, Chelsea R. Jenney O'Leary, Lindsay J. Wargelin, Julie F. Charbonnier, Karen M. Warkentin & Chelsea J. O'Leary
For animals with complex life cycles, conditions in the larval environment can have important effects that persist after metamorphosis. These carry-over effects may influence juvenile growth plasticity and have important fitness consequences. Small juvenile red-eyed treefrogs, Agalychnis callidryas, grow faster than larger ones. We examined to what extent this growth pattern is due to carry-over effects of intraspecific larval competition. In particular, we assessed larval gut plasticity and determined whether carry-over effects could persist given...

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  • 2015

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