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Data from: Aquatic primary production in a high-CO2 world

Graham Bell, Gregor F. Fussmann & Etienne Low-Décarie
Here, we provide a review of the direct effect of increasing CO2 on aquatic primary producers through its function as a source of carbon, focusing our analysis on the interpretation of this increase as an increase in the availability of a resource. This provides an interesting context to evaluate ecological and evolutionary theories relating to nutrient availability and leads us to: the assessment of theories about limitation of productivity and the integration of CO2 into...

Data from: Do intraspecific or interspecific interactions determine responses to predators feeding on a shared size-structured prey community?

Hanna Ten Brink, Abul Kalam Azad Mazumdar, Joseph Huddart, Lennart Persson & Tom C. Cameron
1. Coexistence of predators that share the same prey is common. This is still the case in size structured predator communities where predators consume prey species of different sizes (interspecific prey responses) or consume different size classes of the same species of prey (intraspecific prey responses). 2. A mechanism has recently been proposed to explain coexistence between predators that differ in size but share the same prey species, emergent facilitation, which is dependent on strong...

Data from: CO2 alters community composition and response to nutrient enrichment of freshwater phytoplankton

Etienne Low-Décarie, Gregor F. Fussmann & Graham Bell
Nutrients can limit the productivity of ecosystems and control the composition of the communities of organisms that inhabit them. Humans are causing atmospheric CO2 concentrations to reach levels higher than those of the past millions of years while at the same time propagating eutrophication through the addition of nutrients to lakes and rivers. We studied the effect of elevated CO2 concentrations, nutrient addition and their interaction in a series of freshwater mesocosm experiments using a...

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  • 2014

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