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Data from: New species of Franchia and Protozigzagiceras (Ammonoidea, Middle Jurassic): the phyletic origin of Zigzagiceratinae

Sixto R. Fernandez-Lopez & Giulio Pavia
Three genera and seven species belonging to the subfamily Zigzagiceratinae (family Perisphinctidae) are described from the Lower Bathonian of France and Saudi Arabia. Intraspecific dimorphism is recognized. A revision of the genus Franchia proposed by Sturani (1967), based on the syntypes and new specimens from south-east France, is presented. Franchia arkelli Sturani, Franchia subalpina sp. nov., Protozigzagiceras torrensi (Sturani), Protozigzagiceras tethycum sp. nov., Protozigzagiceras flexum sp. nov. and Protozigzagiceras densum sp. nov. are described from...

Data from: The ecology of seed dispersal by small rodents: a role for predator and conspecific scents

Pau Sunyer, Alberto Muñoz, Raúl Bonal & Josep Maria Espelta
1. Seed-caching rodents play a key role in the ecology of seed dispersal by not only consuming but also dispersing seeds. Rodent foraging behaviour is usually framed within optimal models which predict that their decisions should maximize food intake and minimize foraging costs. Yet, although predation risk and seed pilferage by conspecifics have been envisaged as two potential costs, their relevance for seed-caching behaviour and seed dispersal has barely been addressed. 2. To test the...

Data from: Morphological variation as a tool for monitoring bird populations: a review

José Luis Tellería, Iván De La Hera & Javier Perez-Tris
This paper shows how our knowledge of the evolution, ecology and conservation of birds can be improved through the analysis of external morphological traits. After giving a short history of morphological studies of birds, we discuss the pros and cons of such data in exploring within-species variation and describe the main patterns and hypotheses related to the factors affecting bird size and shape. We describe the usefulness of external measurements (including body mass and feather...

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