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Data from: Sexual conflict over mating in Gnatocerus cornutus? Females prefer lovers not fighters

Kensuke Okada, Masako Katsuki, Manmohan D. Sharma, Clarissa M. House & David J. Hosken
Female mate choice and male–male competition are the typical mechanisms of sexual selection. However, these two mechanisms do not always favour the same males. Furthermore, it has recently become clear that female choice can sometimes benefit males that reduce female fitness. So whether male–male competition and female choice favour the same or different males, and whether or not females benefit from mate choice, remain open questions. In the horned beetle, Gnatocerus cornutus, males have enlarged...

Data from: Changes in left ventricular relaxation after azelnidipine treatment in hypertensive patients with diabetes: subanalysis of a prospective single-arm multicenter study

Katsuomi Iwakura, Hiroshi Ito, Katsuhisa Ishii, Motoo Date, Fumiaki Nakamura, Toshihiko Nagano & Shin Takiuchi
Objectives: We previously demonstrated that a calcium channel blocker, azelnidipine, improves left ventricular relaxation in patients with hypertension and diastolic dysfunction in a multicentre, Clinical impact of Azelnidipine on Left VentricuLar diastolic function and OutComes in patients with hypertension (CALVLOC) trial. The objectives of the present subanalysis were to investigate the differences in diastolic function in hypertensive patients with and without diabetes, and the efficacy of azelnidipine on diastolic function among them. Design: Subanalysis of...

Data from: Sex-specific effects of natural and sexual selection on the evolution of life span and ageing in Drosophila simulans

Catharine Ruth Archer, Eoin Duffy, David J. Hosken, Mikael Mokkonen, Kensuke Okada, Keiko Oku, Manmohan D. Sharma & John Hunt
1. Variation in the strength of age-dependent natural selection shapes differences in ageing rates across species and populations. Likewise, sexual selection can promote divergent patterns of senescence across the sexes. However, the effects of these processes on the evolution of ageing have largely been considered independently, and interactions between them are poorly understood. 2. We use experimental evolution to investigate how natural and sexual selection affect life span and ageing in Drosophila simulans. 3. Replicate...

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