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Local adaptation in thermal tolerance for a tropical butterfly across ecotone and rainforest habitats

Michel AK Dongmo, Rachid Hanna, Thomas B Smith, KKM Fiaboe, Abraham Fomena & Timothy C Bonebrake
Thermal adaptation to habitat variability can determine species vulnerability to environmental change. For example, physiological tolerance to naturally low thermal variation in tropical forests species may alter their vulnerability to climate change impacts, compared with open habitat species. However, the extent to which habitat-specific differences in tolerance derive from within-generation versus across-generation ecological or evolutionary processes are not well characterized. Here we studied thermal tolerance limits of a Central African butterfly (Bicyclus dorothea) across two...

Identifying suitable tester for evaluating striga resistant lines using DArTseq markers and agronomic traits

Degife Zebire, Abebe Menkir, Victor Adetimirin, Wende Mengesha, Silvestro Meseka & Melaku Gedil
A desirable tester that elicits greater genetic difference in Striga resistance among test crosses in a breeding program has not been reported. Therefore, this study was conducted to characterize 30 Striga resistant yellow endosperm maize inbred lines and three testers with varying resistance levels to Striga using DArTseq SNP markers and agronomic traits to identify a suitable tester for resistance hybrid breeding. Marker-based and agronomic trait-based genetic distances were estimated for yellow endosperm maize inbred...

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  • 2021

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  • International Institute of Tropical Agriculture
  • Arba Minch University
  • Université de Yaoundé I
  • University of Ibadan
  • University of California Los Angeles