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Data from: Comparative phylogeographic inference with genome-wide data from aggregated population-pairs

Alexander T. Xue & Mike Hickerson
Comparing divergences across multiple sister population-pairs has been a focus in phylogeography since its inception. Initial approaches utilized organelle genetic data and involved qualitative comparisons of phylogenetic patterns to evaluate hypotheses of shared and variable evolutionary responses. This endeavor has progressed with coalescent model-based statistical techniques and advances in next-generation sequencing, yet there remains a need for methods that can exploit aggregated genomic-scale data within a unified analytical framework. To this end, we introduce the...

Variable and sexually conflicting selection on Silene stellata floral traits by a putative moth pollinator selective agent

Juannan Zhou, Richard J. Reynolds, Elizabeth A. Zimmer, Michele R. Dudash & Charles B. Fenster
Conflicting selection is an important evolutionary mechanism since it impedes directional evolution and helps to maintain phenotypic variation. It can arise when mutualistic and antagonistic selective agents exert opposing selection on the same trait and when distinct phenotypic optima are favored by different fitness components. In this study, we test for conflicting selection through different sexual functions of the hermaphroditic plant, Silene stellata during its early and late flowering season. We find selection is consistently...

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  • 2020

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