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Co-expression of calcium and hERG potassium channels reduces the incidence of proarrhythmic events

Jamie Vandenberg, Sara Ballouz, Melissa M Mangala, Matthew D Perry, Stewart Heitmann, Jesse A Gillis, Adam P Hill & Jamie I Vandenberg
Abstract Aims Cardiac electrical activity is extraordinarily robust. However, when it goes wrong it can have fatal consequences. Electrical activity in the heart is controlled by the carefully orchestrated activity of more than a dozen different ion conductances. Whilst there is considerable variability in cardiac ion channel expression levels between individuals, studies in rodents have indicated that there are modules of ion channels whose expression co-vary. The aim of this study was to investigate whether...

The chicken pan-genome reveals gene content variation and a promoter region deletion in IGF2BP1 affecting body size

Kejun Wang, Haifei Hu, Yadong Tian, Jingyi Li, Armin Scheben, Chenxi Zhang, Yiyi Li, Junfeng Wu, Lan Yang, Xuewei Fan, Guirong Sun, Donghua Li, Yanhua Zhang, Ruili Han, Ruirui Jiang, Hetian Huang, Fengbin Yan, Yanbin Wang, Zhuanjian Li, Guoxi Li, Xiaojun Liu, Wenting Li, David Edwards & Xiangtao Kang
Domestication and breeding have reshaped the genomic architecture of chicken, but the retention and loss of genomic elements during these evolutionary processes remain unclear. We present the first chicken pan-genome constructed using 664 individuals, which identified an additional ∼66.5 Mb sequences that are absent from the reference genome (GRCg6a). The constructed pan-genome encoded 20,491 predicated protein-coding genes, of which higher expression level are observed in conserved genes relative to dispensable genes. Presence/absence variation (PAV) analyses...

The human origin recognition complex (ORC) is essential for pre-RC assembly, mitosis and maintenance of nuclear structure

Hsiang-Chen Chou, Kuhulika Bhalla, Osama-El Demerdesh, Olaf Klingbeil, Kaarina Hanington, Sergey Aganezov, Peter Andrews, Habeeb Alsudani, Kenneth Chang, Christopher R. Vakoc, Michael C. Schatz, Richard W. McCombie & Bruce Stillman
The origin recognition complex (ORC) cooperates with CDC6, MCM2-7, and CDT1 to form pre-RC complexes at origins of DNA replication. Here, using tiling-sgRNA CRISPR screens, we report that each subunit of ORC and CDC6 is essential in human cells. Using an auxin-inducible degradation system, we created stable cell lines capable of ablating ORC2 rapidly, revealing multiple cell division cycle phenotypes. The primary defects in the absence of ORC2 were cells encountering difficulty in initiating DNA...

Data from: Genotype-environment mismatch of kelp forests under climate change

Sofie Vranken, Thomas Wernberg, Armin Scheben, Anita Severn-Ellis, Jacqueline Batley, Philipp Emanuel Bayer, David Edwards, David Wheeler & Melinda Ann Coleman
Climate change is increasingly impacting ecosystems globally. Understanding adaptive genetic diversity and whether it will keep pace with projected climatic change is necessary to assess species’ vulnerability and design efficient mitigation strategies such as assisted adaptation. Kelp forests are the foundations of temperate reefs globally but are declining in many regions due to climate stress. A lack of knowledge of kelps’ adaptive genetic diversity hinders assessment of vulnerability under extant and future climates. Using 4245...

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  • 2021

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