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Effectiveness of community-based health education and home support program to reduce blood pressure among patients with uncontrolled hypertension in Nepal: A cluster-randomized trial

Mahesh Kumar Khanal, Pratiksha Bhandari, Raja Ram Dhungana, Pratik Bhandari, Lal Rawal, Yadav Gurung, K. N. Paudel, Amit Singh, Surya Devkota & Barbora De Courten
Background: Hypertension is a major global public health problem. Elevated blood pressure can cause cardiovascular and kidney diseases. We assessed the effectiveness of health education sessions and home support programs in reducing blood pressure among patients with uncontrolled hypertension in a suburban community of Nepal. Methods: We conducted a community-based, open-level, parallel-group, cluster randomized controlled trial in Birendranagar municipality of Surkhet, Nepal. We randomly assigned four clusters (wards) into intervention and control arms. We provided...

Potential risk zone for anthropogenic mortality of carnivores in Gandaki province, Nepal

Binaya Adhikari, Kedar Baral, Shivish Bhandari, Michelle Szydlowski, Ripu Kunwar, Saroj Panthi, Bijaya Neupane & Raj Koirala
Anthropogenic pressures in human-dominated landscapes often contribute to wildlife mortality. Carnivores are especially vulnerable to human-induced mortality due to the perceived threat to livestock and humans. Despite having widespread conservation implications, carnivore mortality data has been largely underutilized within Nepal. This study utilized Maxent to identify high-risk areas and explore the contribution of habitat attributes associated with carnivore mortality using the casualty database within the Gandaki province of central Nepal. We categorized the risk to...

Speciation along the elevation gradient: divergence of Roscoea species within the south slope of the Himalayas

Jian-Li Zhao, Babu Ram Paudel, Xiang-Qin Yu, Jie Zhang & Qing-Jun Li
The Himalayas with dramatic elevation gradient is one of the global biodiversity hotspots. Although origin of biodiversity of the Himalayas is of great concern, the speciation process within the Himalayas is poorly known. Roscoea within the Himalayas serve as a good model system to test the speciation process along an elevation gradient. 32375 unlinked SNPs were used to reconstruct phylogenetic relationships and introgression analyses in D-statistics and Fastsimicoal2. Species distribution modeling (SDM) was used to...

Applying the double observer methodology for assessing blue sheep population size in Nar Phu Valley, Annapurna Conservation Area, Nepal

Kamal Thapa, Rodney Jackson, Lalu Gurung, Hari Acharya & Raj Gurung
This study was undertaken in spring, 2019 to assess the applicability of the Double-Observer survey method for estimating blue sheep Pseudois nayaur abundance in Nar-Phu valley of Manang District located in Annapurna Conservation Area of northern Nepal. Since counting large mammals in rugged mountain habitat poses a special challenge, we tested the efficacy of the Double Observer method for generating robust population estimates for this important protected area. The overall detection probability for observers (O1...

Fine-scale ecological and anthropogenic variables predict the habitat use and detectability of sloth bears in the Churia habitat of east Nepal

Manoj Pokharel, Asmit Subba, Dipa Rai, Simrik Bhandari & Yadav Ghimirey
Once widespread throughout the tropical forests of the Indian Subcontinent, the sloth bears have suffered a rapid range collapse and local extirpations in the recent decades. A significant portion of their current distribution range is situated outside of the protected areas (PAs). These unprotected sloth bear populations are under tremendous human pressures, but little is known about the patterns and determinants of their occurrence in most of these regions. The situation is more prevalent in...

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