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Pleistocene dynamics of the Eurasian steppe as a driving force of evolution: Phylogenetic history of the genus Capsella (Brassicaceae)

Anze Zerdoner Calasan, Herbert Hurka, Dmitry A. German, Simon Pfanzelt, Frank Blattner, Anna Seidl & Barbara Neuffer
Capsella is a model plant genus of the Brassicaceae, closely related to Arabidopsis. To disentangle its biogeographical history and intrageneric phylogenetic relationships, 282 individuals of all five currently recognised Capsella species were genotyped, using a restriction digest-based next generation sequencing method. Our analysis retrieved two main lineages within Capsella that split c. one million years ago, with western C. grandiflora and C. rubella forming a sister lineage to the eastern clade consisting of C. orientalis....

Strategies of grain number determination differentiate barely row-types

Venkatasubbbu Thirulogachandar, Ravi Koppolu & Thorsten Schnurbusch
Gaining knowledge on intrinsic interactions of various yield components is crucial to improve the yield potential in small grain cereals. It is well known in barley that increasing the grain number (GN) preponderantly improves their yield potential; however, the yield components determining GN and their association in barley row-types are less explored. In this study, we assessed different yield components like potential spikelet number (PSN), spikelet survival (SSL), spikelet number (SN), grain set (GS), and...

Optical maps refine the bread wheat Triticum aestivum cv Chinese Spring genome assembly

Tingting Zhu, Le Wang, Hélène Rimbert, Juan Rodriguez, Karin Deal, Romain De Oliveira, Frédéric Choulet, Gabriel Keeble-Gagnère, Josquin Tibbits, Jane Rogers, Kellye Eversole, Rudi Appels, Yong Gu, Martin Mascher, Jan Dvorak, Ming-Cheng Luo, Juan C. Rodriguez, Karin R. Deal, Gabriel Keeble‐Gagnère, Yong Q. Gu & Ming‐Cheng Luo
This dataset contains a single whole-genome optical map file (.CMAP) for bread wheat (Triticum aestivum) cv Chinese Spring (CS). The methods for constructing this optical map and the properties of this map are described below. The definition of the CMAP format is documented in https://bionanogenomics.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/30039-CMAP-File-Format-Specification-Sheet.pdf. The extracted ultra-high-molecular weight DNA molecules of CS were labeled with the DLE-1 enzyme (Bionano Genomics, San Diego, CA, USA) and were then stained with the Bionano PrepTM DLS Kit...

Raw data: Spikelet stop determines the maximum yield potential stage in barley

Venkatasubbbu Thirulogachandar & Thorsten Schnurbusch
Determining the grain yield potential contributed by grain number is a step towards advancing cereal crops' yield. To achieve this aim, it is pivotal to recognize the maximum yield potential (MYP) of the crop. In barley (Hordeum vulgare L.), the MYP is defined as the maximum spikelet primordia number of a spike. Previous barley studies often assumed the awn primordium (AP) stage as the MYP stage regardless of genotypes and growth conditions. From our spikelet-tracking...

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