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Data for: Sex-specific differences in swimming, aerobic metabolism, and recovery from exercise in adult coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) across ecologically relevant temperatures

Krista Kraskura, Emily Hardison & Erika Eliason
Adult female Pacific salmon can have highermigrationmortality rates thanmales, particularly at warm temperatures. However, the mechanisms underlying this phenomenon remain a mystery. Given the importance of swimming energetics on fitness, we measured critical swim speed, swimming metabolism, cost of transport, aerobic scope (absolute and factorial) and exercise recovery in adult female and male coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) held for 2 days at 3 environmentally relevant temperatures (9oC, 14oC, 18oC) in fresh water. Critical swimming performance...

The release of inertial instability near an idealized zonal jet

Callum Thompson & David M. Schultz
Inertial instability is a hydrodynamic instability that occurs in strong anticyclonic flow and is typically diagnosed by negative absolute vorticity in the Northern Hemisphere. As such, inertial instability is often observed on the anticyclonic-shear side of jet streams, yet the release of the instability in this environment is still poorly understood. We simulate the release of inertial instability near an idealized midlatitude zonal jet compared a control simulation with no instability. We find that the...

Data from: Fossil dermal denticles reveal the pre-exploitation baseline of a Caribbean coral reef shark community

Erin Dillon, Douglas McCauley, Jorge Manuel Morales-SaldaƱa, Nicole Leonard, Jian-Xin Zhao & Aaron O'Dea
Pre-exploitation shark baselines and the history of human impact on coral reef-associated shark communities in the Caribbean are poorly understood. We recovered shark dermal denticles from mid-Holocene (~7 ka) and modern reef sediments in Bocas del Toro, Caribbean Panama to reconstruct an empirical shark baseline before major human impact and quantify how much the modern shark community in the region had shifted from this historical reference point. We found that denticle accumulation rates, a proxy...

Wild Pig Management at the Jack and Laura Dangermond Preserve

Shuhan Song, Peter Omasta, Benson Truong & AJ Zekanoski
This dataset was created for the Wild Pig Management at the Jack and Laura Dangermond Preserve, a group project by Bren School of Environmental Science and Management at the University of California, Santa Barbara. The project includes a population study of wild pigs (Sus scrofa) and a cost analysis of three management scenarios. For the wild pig population study, this dataset contains pig count data created by tagging camera trap photos between October 2013 to...

Stimulus-dependent representational drift in primary visual cortex

Tyler Marks & Michael Goard
To produce consistent sensory perception, neurons must maintain stable representations of sensory input. However, neurons in many regions exhibit progressive drift across days. Longitudinal studies have found stable responses to artificial stimuli across sessions in visual areas, but it is unclear whether this stability extends to naturalistic stimuli. We performed chronic 2-photon imaging of mouse V1 populations to directly compare the representational stability of artificial versus naturalistic visual stimuli over weeks. Responses to gratings were...

Spatial uncertainty in herbarium data: Simulated displacement but not error distance alters estimates of phenological sensitivity to climate in a widespread California wildflower

Devin Gamble & Susan Mazer
Herbarium records provide a broad spatial and temporal range with which to investigate plant responses to environmental change. Research on plant phenology and its sensitivity to climate has advanced with the increasing availability of digitized herbarium specimens, but limitations of specimen-derived data can undermine the inferences derived from such research. One issue that has received little attention is collection site uncertainty (i.e., error distance), a measure of confidence in the location from which a specimen...

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