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Data from: Age-at-injury influences the glial response to traumatic brain injury in the cortex of male juvenile rats

Rachel Rowe, Tabitha Green, Sean Murphy & J. Bryce Ortiz
Glia influence neuronal development and aging. Few translational studies have examined how age at injury affects the glial response to traumatic brain injury (TBI). We hypothesized that rats injured before sexual maturity would exhibit a greater glial response, that persists into early adulthood, compared to rats injured near the onset of sexual maturity. Postnatal day (PND)17 and PND35 rats received midline fluid percussion injury or sham surgery. In three cortical regions (peri-injury, S1BF, perirhinal), we...

Drivers of global variation in land ownership - dataset

Patrick Kavanagh, Michael Gavin, Hannah Haynie, Geoff Kushnick, Bruno Vilela, Ty Tuff, Claire Bowern, Bobbi Low, Carol Ember, Kathryn Kirby & Carlos Botero
Land ownership shapes natural resource management and social–ecological resilience, but the factors determining ownership norms in human societies remain unclear. Here we conduct a global empirical test of long‐standing theories from ecology, economics and anthropology regarding potential drivers of land ownership and territoriality. Prior theory suggests that resource defensibility, subsistence strategies, population pressure, political complexity and cultural transmission mechanisms may all influence land ownership. We applied multi‐model inference procedures based on logistic regression to cultural...

Tepee Fire Fuel and Fuel Consumption

, Andrew T. Hudak, Joseph C Restaino, Michael Billmire, Nancy H. F. French, Roger D. Ottmar, Bridget Hass, Kyle Zarzana, Tristan Goulden & Rainer Volkamer
Data Overview Mapped attributes: Fuel consumption derived from ALS data Post-fire fuel load derived from ALS data Pre-fire fuel load derived from ALS data Fuel consumption derived from FCCS data Post-fire fuel load derived from FCCS data Pre-fire fuel load derived from FCCS data Supplements: ALS data extent Tepee fire perimeter Prior forest fuel treatments Description Landscape scale estimates of pre-fire fuel load and fuel consumption are valuable resources for land managers and scientists. We...

Overlooked costs of coloniality: Mislaid eggs and the double Incubation of separate nests

Amanda Hund
The evolution of colonial breeding remains an outstanding question in evolutionary biology, in part due to our limited understanding of the costs and benefits of group living. We document 85 cases of Barn Swallows Hirundo rustica erythrogaster laying, and subsequently abandoning, eggs in empty, unclaimed nests located adjacent to active nests during a six-year study. The frequency of this behavior was positively correlated with total available nests, a metric that increases with colony size. In...

Data: Sex-specific effects of capital resources on reproductive timing and success in red squirrels

Jessica Haines, David Delaney, Andrea Wishart, Andrew McAdam, David Coltman, Jeffrey Lane, Ben Dantzer & Stan Boutin
Reproduction is an energetically expensive activity for both sexes. However, if males and females differ in their annual timing of reproduction, such that peak investment for one sex occurs during a more resource-limited period, there is an opportunity for sex-specific selection to act on the acquisition of energetic resources. Both male and female North American red squirrels (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus) cache conifer cones, although males typically have larger caches than females. Peak energetic investment in reproduction...

Jang Bogo Dynasonde data on vertical speed for March-September 2015

Nikolay Zabotin & Liudmila Zabotina
Vertical Incidence Pulsed Ionospheric Radar (VIPIR) equipped with the Dynasonde analysis software was installed at the Antarctic Jang Bogo Station (JBS, 74.62 S, 164.23 E geographic coordinates and 79.87 S geomagnetic latitude) in 2015. This specific dataset that was selected for the study of long-period wave activity in the ocean - Ross Ice Shelf (RIS) - atmosphere system is 5.5-month long, between March 2015 and September 2015. During this time interval periodicity of the sounding...

Data from: Microglia are necessary to regulate sleep after an immune challenge

Rachel Rowe & Tabitha Green
Microglia play a critical role in the neuroimmune response, but little is known about the role of microglia in sleep following an inflammatory trigger. Nevertheless, decades of research have been predicated on the assumption that an inflammatory trigger increases sleep through microglial activation. We hypothesized that mice (n = 30) with depleted microglia would sleep less following administration of lipopolysaccharide (LPS) to induce inflammation. Brains were collected and microglial morphology was assessed using quantitative skeletal...

Dataset associated with: The ERM-1 membrane-binding domain directs erm-1 mRNA localization to the plasma membrane in the C. elegans embryo

Lindsay Winkenbach, Dylan Parker, Robert Williams & Erin Osborne Nishimura
mRNA localization and transport are integral in regulating gene expression. In Caenorhabditis elegans' embryos, the maternally inherited mRNA erm-1 (Ezrin/Radixin/Moesin) becomes concentrated in anterior blastomeres. erm-1 mRNA localizes within those blastomeres to the plasma membrane where the essential ERM-1 protein, a membrane-actin linker, is also found. We demonstrate that the localization of erm-1 mRNA to the plasma membrane is translation dependent and requires its encoded N-terminal, membrane-binding (FERM) domain. By perturbing translation through multiple methods,...

Data from: A migratory divide spanning two continents is associated with genomic and ecological divergence

Sheela Turbek, Drew Schield, Elizabeth Scordato, Andrea Contina, Xin-Wei Da, Yang Liu, Yu Liu, Emilio Pagani-Núñez, Qing-Miao Ren, Chris Smith, Craig Stricker, Michael Wunder, David Zonana & Rebecca Safran
Migratory divides are contact zones between breeding populations with divergent migratory strategies during the non-breeding season. These locations provide an opportunity to evaluate the role of seasonal migration in the maintenance of reproductive isolation, particularly the relationship between population structure and features associated with distinct migratory strategies. We combine light-level geolocators, genomic sequencing, and stable isotopes to investigate the timing of migration and migratory routes of individuals breeding on either side of a migratory divide...

Data from: Decoding the dynamics of dental distributions: insights from shark demography and dispersal

Sora Kim, Justin Yeakel, Juergen Kriwet, Meghan Balk, Jaelyn Eberle, Sarah Zeichner & Dina Fieman
Shark teeth are the most abundant vertebrate fossil, and because tooth size generally correlates with body size, their accumulations document the size structure of populations. Understanding how ecological and environmental processes influence size structure, and how this extends to influence these dental distributions, may offer a window into the ecological and environmental dynamics of past and present shark populations. Here we examine the dental distributions of sand tigers, including extant Carcharias taurus and extinct Striatolamia...

Lake Agnes Rock Glacier TLS/SfM survey - Lake Agnes Rock Glacier TLS U-074 PS01 SV03

DANIEL MCGRATH, Keith Williams, Marianne Okal, Brianna Rick, Lucas Zeller, Anna Marshall, Erika Schreiber & Diana Krupnik

Data from: Convergent evolution of disordered lipidic structural color in the fruits of Lantana strigocamara (syn. L. camara hybrid cultivar)

Miranda Sinnott-Armstrong, Yu Ogawa, Gea Van De Kerkhof, Silvia Vignolini & Stacey Smith
Research conducted: The majority of plant colors are produced by anthocyanin and carotenoid pigments, but coloration obtained by nanostructured materials (i.e., structural colors) is increasingly reported in plants. Here, we identify a multilayer photonic structure in the fruits of Lantana strigocamara and compare it to a previously described origin in Viburnum tinus. Methods: We used a combination of transmission electron microscopy, serial EM tomography, scanning force microscopy, and optical simulations to characterize the photonic structure...

Black capped and mountain chickadee nestling fecal samples

Kathryn Grabenstein
Urban and suburban ecosystems are growing in size and number as the human population continues to increase. Not all cities are built the same, however, and it is still unclear how resident organisms are faring in increasingly urban habitats and whether cities are ecological sinks. To investigate how urbanization is affecting breeding success in insectivorous birds, we studied two species of chickadee, the black-capped and mountain chickadee[KG1] , along an urban-rural gradient in Boulder County,...

Electronic repository of raw data and calculated values from the article \"Laboratory studies of salt deliquescence kinetics relevant to Mars\"

Raina Gough
This dataset contains the data associated with the manuscript titled "Laboratory studies of salt deliquescence kinetics relevant to Mars" submited to the Planetary Science Journal. This dataset contains the raw microscope image files collected during experiments, associated experimental conditions that were present when each image file was collected, and calculated kinetic parameters obtained from the image analyses. Each experiment's images are contained in a zip file.

Synoptic Drivers of Atmospheric River Induced Precipitation Near Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica

Rebecca Baiman
This study uses a 16-node self-organizing map (SOM) trained with MERRA-2 reanalysis sea-level pressure data (Gelaro et al., 2017) to identify atmospheric rivers that make landfall in Antarctica between 30W and 30E. These SOM-defined environments are used to explore dynamic drivers of atmospheric river precipitation. This dataset includes the SOM environments of sea level pressure anomalies along with the atmospheric landfalling timesteps and the nodes each is assigned to. Gelaro, R., McCarty, W., Suarez, M.J.,...

Data from \"2022 State of Open at the University of Colorado Boulder\" Report

Ryan Caillet, Melissa Cantrell, Andrew Johnson & Aditya Ranganath
This data set contains five data files that were used to produce the "2022 State of Open at the University of Colorado Boulder" report: 1. CUBoulderOAFund2013_2021.csv contains data from articles funded by the CU Boulder Libraries Open Access Fund from 2013 to 2021. This data was collected by CU Boulder Libraries personnel from successful applications to the Open Access Fund. 2. CUBoulderPublishedData2014_2021.csv contains data from the CU Boulder Faculty Reports of Professional Activities from 2014...

UCAR/CU CYGNSS Inundation Maps

Clara Chew & Eric Small
This dataset provides 3 km maps of inundation fraction for latitudes +/- 38 degrees for the time period Mar 20, 2017 - Jun 30, 2022. Retrievals are derived from the Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System (CYGNSS) constellation, which uses GNSS-Reflectometry to obtain L-band surface reflectivity observations over the land and ocean surface. To derive the fractional inundation maps, CYGNSS reflectivity observations are first aggregated over a period of 3-days. These observations are then spatially interpolated...

Cameron Pass NASA SnowEx - Burn Site TLS U-077 PS02 SV02

Daniel McGrath, Samuel Beane, Marianne Okal, Keith Williams, Nicolas Bayou, Diana Krupnik & Erika Schreiber

Electronic repository of raw computational chemistry results from the article \"Spectroscopy of Retinoic Acid at the Air-Water Interface\"

Benjamin Frandsen & Veronica Vaida
This repository contains the log files for conformer search and calculations of retinoic acid properties, including harmonic vibrational transitions and TD-DFT. The TD-DFT calculations are found only in the "wb97xd" folder. The conformer search results are in the subfolders of the "b3lyp" folder. The files denoted s00000#.log are directly the conformer search results (# denotes any number). The Conf#.log files are the calculations done on the geometries that were left after applying an energetic cutoff...

Keithly Fire Fuel and Fuel Consumption

, Andrew T. Hudak, Joseph C. Restaino, Michael Billmire, Nancy H. F. French, Roger D. Ottmar, Bridget Hass, Kyle Zarzana, Tristan Goulden & Rainer Volkamer
Data Overview Mapped attributes: Fuel consumption derived from ALS data Post-fire fuel load derived from ALS data Pre-fire fuel load derived from ALS data Fuel consumption derived from FCCS data Post-fire fuel load derived from FCCS data Pre-fire fuel load derived from FCCS data Supplements: ALS data extent Keithly fire perimeter Keithly AOI fire perimeter Description Landscape scale estimates of pre-fire fuel load and fuel consumption are valuable resources for land managers and scientists. We...

Venus Climate Orbiter Akatsuki SPICE Kernel Archive Bundle

Shin-ya Murakami, Yukio Yamamoto, Kevin McGouldrick, George L. Hashimoto & Naru Hirata
This bundle includes the complete set of Venus Climate Orbiter (VCO, also known as PLANET-C and AKATSUKI) SPICE data files, i.e., kernel files, for the cruise, the sun orbiting, and the science phase(s) of the mission. The SPICE data files, which can be accessed using SPICE software, contain geometric and other ancillary information needed to recover the full value of the science instrument data. In particular SPICE kernels provide spacecraft and planetary ephemerides, instrument mounting...

Black-capped and mountain chickadee range-wide condition

Kathryn Grabenstein, Scott Taylor, Ken Otter & Theresa Burg
Both abiotic and biotic drivers influence species distributions. Abiotic drivers, such as climate, have received considerable attention, even though biotic drivers, such as hybridization, often interact with abiotic drivers. We sought to explore the (1) costs of co-occurrence for ecologically similar species that hybridize and (2) associations between ecological factors and condition to understand how abiotic and biotic factors influence species distributions. For two closely related and ecologically similar songbirds, black-capped and mountain chickadees, we...

Numerical model simulating the sea ice and ocean conditions in the Amundsen Sea over the period Jan. 1, 2006 to Dec. 31, 2013

Pierre St-Laurent, Eileen E. Hofmann, Robert M. Sherrell, Sharon E. Stammerjohn, Patricia L. Yager, Mathew Biddle & Amber D. York
Numerous coastal polynyas fringe the Antarctic continent and strongly influence the productivity of Antarctic shelf systems. Of the 46 Antarctic coastal polynyas documented in a recent study, the Amundsen Sea Polynya (ASP) stands out as having the highest net primary production per unit area. Incubation experiments suggest that this productivity is partly controlled by the availability of dissolved iron (dFe). As a first step toward understanding the iron supply of the ASP, we introduce four...

Data from: Comparisons of quantitative approaches for assessing microglial morphology reveal inconsistencies, ecological fallacy, and a need for standardization

Rachel Rowe, Tabitha Green & Sean Murphy
Microglia morphology is used as a measure of neuroinflammation and pathology, but different methods to quantify microglia morphology are frequently employed across neuroscience. For reliable inference, it is critical that microglial morphology is accurately quantified and that results can be easily interpreted and compared across studies. We applied five of the most commonly used ImageJ-based methods for quantifying the microglial morphological response to a stimulus to identical photomicrographs and isolated microglial cells, which allowed for...

Twin epidemics: the effects of HIV and systolic blood pressure on mortality risk in rural South Africa 2010-2019

Nicole Angotti, Samuel Clark, F. Xavier Gómez-Olivé, Brian Houle, Chodziwadziwa Kabudula Whiteson, Jane Menken, Sanyu Mojola , Enid Schatz , Andrea Tilstra , Jill Williams, Vusi Dlamini & Erin Ice

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