Data from: Correlational selection on pro- and anti-inflammatory effectors

Romain Guerreiro, Anne A. Besson, Jérôme Bellenger, Kévin Ragot, Gérard Lizard, Bruno Faivre & Gabriele Sorci
Parasites impose a permanent threat for hosts. As a consequence, immune defenses are important for host fitness. However, the immune response can also produce self-damage and impair host fitness if not properly regulated. Effectors that up- and down-regulate the immune response should, therefore, evolve in concert, and be under the action of correlational selection. To address this issue, we assessed the shape of the selection operating on pro- and anti-inflammatory effectors following an inflammatory challenge...

Registration Year

  • 2012

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  • Dataset


  • Inserm
  • Biogéosciences