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Data from: Large chromosomal rearrangements during a long-term evolution experiment with Escherichia coli

Colin Raeside, Joël Gaffé, Daniel E. Deatherage, Olivier Tenaillon, Adam M. Briska, Ryan N. Ptashkin, Stéphane Cruveiller, Claudine Médigue, Richard E. Lenski, Jeffrey E. Barrick & Dominique Schneider
Large-scale rearrangements may be important in evolution because they can alter chromosome organization and gene expression in ways not possible through point mutations. In a long-term evolution experiment, twelve Escherichia coli populations have been propagated in a glucose-limited environment for over 25 years. We used whole-genome mapping (optical mapping) combined with genome sequencing and PCR analysis to identify the large-scale chromosomal rearrangements in clones from each population after 40,000 generations. A total of 110 rearrangement...

Data from: Epistasis and allele specificity in the emergence of a stable polymorphism in Escherichia coli

Jessica Plucain, Thomas Hindré, Mickaël Le Gac, Olivier Tenaillon, Stéphane Cruveiller, Claudine Médigue, Nicholas Leiby, William R. Harcombe, Christopher J. Marx, Richard E. Lenski & Dominique Schneider
Ecological opportunities promote population divergence into coexisting lineages. However, the genetic mechanisms that enable new lineages to exploit these opportunities are poorly understood except in cases of single mutations. We examined how two Escherichia coli lineages diverged from their common ancestor at the outset of a long-term coexistence. By sequencing genomes and reconstructing the genetic history of one lineage, we showed that three mutations together were sufficient to produce the frequency-dependent fitness effects that allowed...

Data from: NGS library preparation may generate artifactual integration sites of AAV vectors

Benjamin Cogné, Richard O. Snyder, Pierre Lindenbaum, Jean-Baptiste Dupont, Richard Redon, Philippe Moullier & Adrien Leger
rAAV_reference_sequencerAAV reference sequence in fasta, genbank and bed formatsFastq_Part1Part 1 of raw fastq dataFASTQ1.zipFastq_part2Part 2 of raw fastq dataFASTQ2.zipControl1_BAM_filesBAM files for Control1 obtained with FindMyVirusControl1.zipControl2_BAM_filesBAM files for Control1 obtained with FindMyVirusControl2.zipMouse1_BAM_FilesBAM files for Mouse1 obtained with FindMyVirusMouse1.zipMouse2_BAM_filesBAM files for Mouse2 obtained with FindMyVirusMouse2.zipMouse3_BAM_filesBAM files for Mouse3 obtained with FindMyVirusMouse3.zipMouse4_BAM_filesBAM files for Mouse4 obtained with FindMyVirusMouse4.zip

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  • 2014

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