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Data from: Wind turbine blade shear web disbond detection using rotor blade operational sensing and data analysis

Noah J. Myrent, Douglas E. Adams, D. Todd Griffith & N. Myrent
A wind turbine blade's structural dynamic response is simulated and analysed with the goal of characterizing the presence and severity of a shear web disbond. Computer models of a 5 MW offshore utility-scale wind turbine were created to develop effective algorithms for detecting such damage. Through data analysis and with the use of blade measurements, a shear web disbond was quantified according to its length. An aerodynamic sensitivity study was conducted to ensure robustness of...

Data from: Prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of high-throughput sequencing data pathologies

Xiaofan Zhou & Antonis Rokas
High Throughput Sequencing (HTS) technologies generate millions of sequence reads from DNA/RNA molecules rapidly and cost-effectively, enabling single investigator laboratories to address a variety of “omics” questions in non-model organisms, fundamentally changing the way genomic approaches are used to advance biological research. One major challenge posed by HTS is the complexity and difficulty of data quality control (QC). While QC issues associated with sample isolation, library preparation, and sequencing are well known and protocols for...

Registration Year

  • 2014

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  • Vanderbilt University
  • Sandia National Laboratories