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Calopteryx splendens personality in the wild

Maria Golab, Szymon Sniegula & Tomas Brodin
We studied nine behavioural traits, in the damselfly Calopteryx splendens, from an array of three experiments: (i) courtship, (ii) aggressiveness and (iii) boldness, and calculated their repeatability. The behaviours were measured twice, in two different contexts: (i) undisturbed territory and (ii) partially deteriorated territory. Traits related to courtship and boldness were all repeatable across the two contexts. Among aggressive behaviours only one trait (number of hits) was repeatable.

Size-mediated priority effects are trait-dependent and consistent across latitudes in a damselfly

Mateusz RaczyƄski, Robby Stoks, Frank Johansson & Szymon Sniegula
Variation in hatching time (phenology) might cause size differences within populations resulting in size-mediated priority effects (SMPEs) shaping intraspecific interactions. These phenology-driven effects potentially can be strengthened by seasonal time constraints caused by a short growth season, and depend on latitude. Here the single and combined effects of phenology and latitude-associated time constraints on SMPEs in larvae of an aquatic insect, the damselfly Lestes sponsa, are studied. We did so by rearing larvae in groups...

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  • 2021

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  • Institute of Nature Conservation
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  • Uppsala University
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