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Data from: Evaluation of novel large cut-off ultrafiltration membranes for adenovirus serotype 5 (Ad5) concentration.

Piergiuseppe Nestola, Duarte Lima Martins, Cristina Peixoto, Susanne Roederstein, Tobias Schleuss, Paula Maria Alves, José Paulo B. Mota & Manuel J. T. Carrondo
The purification of virus particles and viral vectors for vaccine and gene therapy applications is gaining increasing importance in order to deliver a fast, efficient, and reliable production process. Ultrafiltration (UF) is a widely employed unit operation in bioprocessing and its use is present in several steps of the downstream purification train of biopharmaceuticals. However, to date few studies have thoroughly investigated the performance of several membrane materials and cut-offs for virus concentration/diafiltration. The present...

Data from: Population structure and reticulate evolution of Saccharomyces eubayanus and its lager-brewing hybrids

David Peris, Kayla Sylvester, Diego Libkind, Paula Gonçalves, José Paulo Sampaio, William G. Alexander & Chris Todd Hittinger
Reticulate evolution can be a major driver of diversification into new niches, especially in disturbed habitats and at the edges of ranges. Industrial fermentation strains of yeast provide a window into these processes, but progress has been hampered by a limited understanding of the natural diversity and distribution of Saccharomyces species and populations. For example, lager beer is brewed with Saccharomyces pastorianus, an alloploid hybrid of S. cerevisiae and S. eubayanus, a species only recently...

Data from: Effects of forest certification on the ecological condition of Mediterranean streams

Filipe S. Dias, Miguel N. Bugalho, Patricia M. Rodríguez-González, António Albuquerque & Jorge Orestes Cerdeira
1. Forest certification, a proxy for sustainable forest management, covers more than 10% of the world's forests. Under forest certification, forest managers and landowners must comply with environmental, economic and social management standards aiming to promote forest conservation. Despite an increasing area of certified forests, there is a dearth of data on how forest certification is affecting the conservation of forest ecosystems and associated habitats. 2. Here we assess the effects of Forest Stewardship Council...

Data from: Prominent intra-specific genetic divergence within Anopheles gambiae sibling species triggered by habitat discontinuities across a riverine landscape

Beniamino Caputo, Davis Nwakanma, Francesco Paolo Caputo, Musa Jawara, Cheryll Oriero, Majidah Adiamoh, Ibrahima Dia, Lassana Konate, Vincenzo Petrarca, Joao Pinto, David J. Conway, Alessandra Della Torre, E. C. Oriero & M. Hamid-Adiamoh
The Anopheles gambiae complex of mosquitoes includes malaria vectors at different stages of speciation, whose study enables a better understanding of how adaptation to divergent environmental conditions leads to evolution of reproductive isolation. We investigated the population genetic structure of closely-related sympatric taxa that have recently been proposed as separate species (An. coluzzii and An. gambiae), sampled from diverse habitats along the Gambia River in West Africa. We characterised putatively neutral microsatellite loci as well...

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