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The integration of sensory feedback in the modulation of anuran landing preparation

Suzanne Cox & Gary Gillis
Controlled landing requires preparation. Mammals and bipedal birds vary how they prepare for landing by predicting the timing and magnitude of impact from the integration of visual and non-visual information. Here we explore how an animal that moves primarily through hopping, Rhinella marina, the cane toad, integrates sensory information to modulate landing preparation. Earlier work suggests toads may modulate landing preparation using predictions of impact timing and/or magnitude based on non-visual sensory feedback during takeoff...

Field-based body temperatures reveal behavioral thermoregulation strategies of the Atlantic marsh fiddler crab Minuca pugnax

Renae Brodie
Behavioral thermoregulation is an important defense against the negative impacts of climate change for ectotherms. In this study we examined the use of burrows by a common intertidal crab, Minuca pugnax, to control body temperature. To understand how body temperatures respond to changes in the surface temperature and explore how efficiently crabs exploit the cooling potential of burrows to thermoregulate, we measured body, surface, and burrow temperature data during low tide on Sapelo Island, GA...

Data from: A synthesis of the effects of cheatgrass invasion on U.S. Great Basin carbon storage

R Chelsea Nagy, Emily Fusco, Jennifer Balch, John Finn, Adam Mahood, Jenica Allen & Bethany Bradley
Non-native, invasive Bromus tectorum (cheatgrass) is pervasive in sagebrush ecosystems in the Great Basin ecoregion of the western U.S., competing with native plants and promoting more frequent fires. As a result, cheatgrass invasion likely alters carbon (C) storage in the region. Many studies have measured C pools in one or more common vegetation types: native sagebrush, invaded sagebrush, and cheatgrass-dominated (often burned) sites, but these results have yet to be synthesized. We performed a literature...

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