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Data from: How much do we know about the breeding biology of bird species in the world?

Hongtao Xiao, Yigang Hu, Zedong Lang, Bohao Fang, Weibin Guo, Qi Zhang, Xuan Pan & Xin Lu
Knowledge on species’ breeding biology is the building blocks of avian life history theory. A review for the current status of the knowledge at a global scale is needed to highlight the priority for future research. We collected all available information on three critical nesting parameters (clutch size, incubation period and nestling period) for the close to 10 000 bird species in the world and identified taxonomic, geographic and habitat gaps in the distribution of...

Data from: Egg rejection and clutch phenotype variation in the plain prinia (Prinia inornata)

Longwu Wang, Wei Liang, Canchao Yang, Shun-Jen Cheng, Yu-Cheng Hsu & Xin Lu
Avian hosts of brood parasites can evolve anti-parasitic defenses to recognize and reject foreign eggs from their nests. Theory predicts that higher inter-clutch and lower intra-clutch variation in egg appearance facilitates hosts to detect parasitic eggs as egg-rejection mainly depends on the appearance of the egg. Therefore, we predict that egg patterns and rejection rates will differ when hosts face different intensity of cuckoo parasitism. We tested this prediction in two populations of the plain...

Data from: Predicting rice hybrid performance using univariate and multivariate GBLUP models based on North Carolina mating design II

X. Wang, L. Li, Z. Yang, X. Zheng, S. Yu, C. Xu & Z. Hu
Genomic selection (GS) is more efficient than traditional phenotype-based methods in hybrid breeding. The present study investigated the predictive ability of genomic best linear unbiased prediction models for rice hybrids based on the North Carolina mating design II, in which a total of 115 inbred rice lines were crossed with 5 male sterile lines. Using 8 traits of the 575 (115 Ă— 5) hybrids from two environments, both univariate (UV) and multivariate (MV) prediction analyses,...

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