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Statistical Study of Spatial Distribution and Polarization for Saturn Narrowband Emissions. Supplementary material: Event catalogue

Siyuan Wwwu, Shengyi Ye, Georg Fischer, Wang Jian, Minyi Long, J. Douglas Menietti, Baptiste Cecconi & William Kurth
This collection is contains the Saturn narrow band radio emission catalogue derived from Cassini RPWS data. The collection supplements: Wu et al. (2021), Statistical Study of Spatial Distribution and Polarization for Saturn Narrowband Emissions, submitted to ApJ.

Data from: Asexual freshwater snails make poor mate choice decisions

Maurine Neiman, Joseph Jalinsky & Sydney Stork
Once-useful traits that no longer contribute to fitness tend to decay over time. We address whether the expression of mating-related traits that increase the fitness of sexually reproducing individuals but are likely less useful or even costly to asexual counterparts seems to exhibit decay in the latter. Potamopyrgus antipodarum is a New Zealand freshwater snail characterized by repeated transitions from sexual to asexual reproduction. The frequent coexistence of sexual and asexual lineages makes P. antipodarum...

Tree species of wet tropical forests differ in their tissue biochemistry and effects on soil carbon dynamics

Ann Russell, Rachel Marek & Daniel Olk
Given the hypothesized effects on soil organic matter (SOM) of polyphenols in plant tissues, differences among tree species in their biochemical composition could influence the turnover and accrual of SOM in various ways. The extent to which the biochemical composition of leaf and fine-root tissues differ among tropical tree species, and the effects on soil dynamics, are largely undocumented, however. We used cupric oxide analyses of plant tissues and soil in long-term, replicated, mono-dominant 15-yr-old...

MicroRNA quantitative RT-PCR analysis of CMT1A Plasma

John Svaren, Hongge Wang, Matthew Davison & Michael Shy
Objective: To determine if microRNA’s (miR) are elevated in the plasma of individuals affected by the inherited peripheral neuropathy Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease, type 1A (CMT1A), miR profiling was employed to compare control and CMT1A plasma. Methods: We undertook a screen of CMT1A and control plasma samples to identify miRs that are elevated in CMT1A using a pilot screen of plasma miR by next generation sequencing, followed by validation of selected miRs by quantitative PCR, and correlation...

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