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Data from: A refugee camp in the center of Europe: clinical characteristics of asylum seekers arriving in brussels

Gerlant Van Berlaer, Francisca Bohle Carbonell, Sofie Manantsoa, Xavier De Béthune, Ronald Buyl, Michel Debacker & Ives Hubloue
Background In the summer of 2015, the exodus of Syrian war refugees and saturation of refugee camps in neighboring countries led to the influx of asylum-seekers in European countries, including Belgium. This study aims to describe the demographic and clinical characteristics of asylum-seekers that arrived in a huddled refugee camp, in the center of a well-developed country with all medical facilities. Methods Using a descriptive cross-sectional study design, physicians of Médecins du Monde prospectively registered...

Appendix for: Light chain neurofilament revealing brain tissue damage in physical contact sport athletes, a systematic review

Carl Verduyn, Maria Bjerke, Johnny Deurinck, Sebastiaan Engelborghs, Koenraad Peers, Jan Versijpt & Miguel D'haeseleer
Objective: To evaluate whether participating in physical contact sports is associated with a release of neurofilaments and whether this release is related to future clinical neurological and/or psychiatric impairment. Methods: We have performed a systematic literature review of the PubMed, MEDLINE and Cochrane Library databases using a combination of the search terms neurofilament(s)/intermediate filament and sport(s)/athletes. Only original studies, written in English, that have reported on neurofilament measurements in CSF and/or serum/plasma of physical contact...

Data from: Children in the Syrian civil war: the familial, educational, and public health impact of ongoing violence

Abdallah Mohamed Elsafti, Gerlant Van Berlaer, Mohammad Al Safadi, Michel Debacker, Ronald Buyl, Atef Redwan & Ives Hubloue
The Syrian civil war since 2011 has led to one of the most complex humanitarian emergencies in history. The objective of this study was to document the impact of the conflict on the familial, educational, and public health state of Syrian children. A cross-sectional observational study was conducted in May 2015. Health care workers visited families with a prospectively designed data sheet in 4 Northern Syrian governorates. The 1001 children included in this study originated...

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