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Data from: Genomic regions repeatedly involved in divergence among plant-specialized pea aphid biotypes

Pierre Nouhaud, Jean Peccoud, Frédérique Mahéo, Lucie Mieuzet, Julie Jaquiéry & Jean-Christophe Simon
Understanding the genetic bases of biological diversification is a long-standing goal in evolutionary biology. Here we investigate whether replicated cases of adaptive divergence involve the same genomic regions in the pea aphid, Acyrthosiphon pisum, a large complex of genetically differentiated biotypes, each specialized on different species of legumes. A previous study identified genomic regions putatively involved in host-plant adaptation and/or reproductive isolation by performing a hierarchical genome scan in three biotypes. This led to the...

Data from: Spatial genetic structure in Beta vulgaris subsp. maritima and Beta macrocarpa reveals the effect of contrasting mating system, influence of marine currents and footprints of postglacial recolonisation routes

Marie Leys, Eric J. Petit, Yasmina El-Bahloul, Camille Liso, Sylvain Fournet & Jean-Francois Arnaud
Understanding the factors that contribute to population genetic divergence across a species' range is a long-standing goal in evolutionary biology and ecological genetics. We examined the relative importance of historical and ecological features in shaping the present-day spatial patterns of genetic structure in two related plant species, Beta vulgaris subsp. maritima and Beta macrocarpa. Using nuclear and mitochondrial markers, we surveyed 93 populations from Brittany (France) to Morocco – the southern limit of their species'...

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  • 2014

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  • Institute for Genetics, Environment and Plant Protection
  • Laboratoire de Génétique & Evolution des Populations Végétales
  • Agrocampus Ouest
  • French National Institute for Agricultural Research
  • French National Centre for Scientific Research