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The first online capillary electrophoresis-microscale thermophoresis (CE-MST) method for the analysis of dynamic equilibria – determination of acidity constant of fluorescein isothiocyanate - version 1

Paweł Nowak, Maria Klag, Gabriela Kózka, Małgorzata Gołąb & Michał Woźniakiewicz

Nest-boxes alter the reproductive ecology of urban cavity-nesters in a species-dependent way

Joanna Sudyka, Irene Di Lecce, Lucyna Wojas, Patryk Rowiński & Marta Szulkin
Human-provided nesting shelters such as nest-boxes mitigate the shortage of natural breeding sites. Since artificial nests are not where animals evolved and optimised their reproductive performance, it remains inconclusive if these are adequate substitutes, ensuring equivalent fitness returns while breeding. In particular, most knowledge on the ecology of cavity-nesting birds comes from nest-box populations, but no study has directly compared fitness consequences of breeding inside nest-boxes in relation to natural cavities in cities. We directly...

Data from: Genomic response to selection for predatory behavior in a mammalian model of adaptive radiation

Mateusz Konczal, Paweł Koteja, Patrycja Orlowska-Feuer, Jacek Radwan, Edyta T. Sadowska & Wieslaw Babik
If genetic architectures of various quantitative traits are similar, as studies on model organisms suggest, comparable selection pressures should produce similar molecular patterns for various traits. To test this prediction, we used a laboratory model of vertebrate adaptive radiation to investigate the genetic basis of the response to selection for predatory behavior and compare it with evolution of aerobic capacity reported in an earlier work. After 13 generations of selection, the proportion of bank voles...

Data from: Parasite load and MHC diversity in undisturbed and agriculturally modified habitats of the ornate dragon lizard

Jacek Radwan, Katarzyna Kuduk, Esther Levy, Natasha LeBas & Wieslaw Babik
MHC gene polymorphism is thought to be driven by host-parasite coevolution, but the evidence for an association between the selective pressure from parasites and the number of MHC alleles segregating in a population is scarce and inconsistent. Here, we characterized MHC class I polymorphism in a lizard whose habitat preferences (rock outcrops) lead to the formation of well-defined and stable populations. We investigated the association between the load of ticks, which were used as a...

Data from: Lower haematocrit, haemoglobin and red blood cell number in zebra finches acclimated to cold compared to thermoneutral temperature

Jowita Niedojadlo, Agata Bury, Mariusz Cichoń, Edyta T. Sadowska & Ulf Bauchinger
Thermoregulation constitutes an important share of the energy budget of endotherms. Elevated thermoregulatory requirements must be met by oxygen supply through the blood, as heat is produced mainly via aerobic processes. In contrast to mammal studies, it remains unclear whether elevated thermoregulatory needs are followed by changes in haematological variables in birds. We investigated haematocrit (HCT), haemoglobin content per volume of blood (HGB), number of red blood cells (RBC), and size of the erythrocytes (RBC)...

Data from: The crested newt Triturus cristatus recolonized temperate Eurasia from an extra-Mediterranean glacial refugium

Ben Wielstra, Wiesław Babik & Jan W. Arntzen
We assess the role of the Carpathians as an extra-Mediterranean glacial refugium for the crested newt Triturus cristatus. We combine a multilocus phylogeography (one mitochondrial protein-coding gene, three nuclear introns, and one major histocompatibility complex gene) with species distribution modelling (projected on current and Last Glacial Maximum climate layers). All genetic markers consistently show extensive genetic variation within and genetic depletion outside the Carpathians. The species distribution model suggests that most of the current range...

Data from: MHC diversity, malaria and lifetime reproductive success in collared flycatchers

Jacek Radwan, Wieslaw Babik, Magdalena Zagalska-Neubauer, Lars Gustavsson, Mariusz Cichoń, Katarzyna Kulma & Joanna Sendecka
Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) genes encode proteins involved in the recognition of parasite-derived antigens. Their extreme polymorphism is presumed to be driven by coevolution with parasites. Host-parasite coevolution was also hypothesised to optimize within-individual MHC diversity at the intermediate level. Here, we use unique data on lifetime reproductive success (LRS) of female collared flycatchers to test whether LRS is associated with within-individual MHC class II diversity. We also examined the association between MHC and infection...

Data from: The genetic variance but not the genetic covariance of life-history traits changes towards the north in a time-constrained insect

Szymon Sniegula, Maria J. Golab, Szymon M. Drobniak & Frank Johansson
Seasonal time constraints are usually stronger at higher than lower latitudes and can exert strong selection on life history traits and the correlations among these traits. To predict the response of life history traits to environmental change along a latitudinal gradient, information must be obtained about genetic variance in traits and also genetic correlation between traits, i.e., the genetic variance-covariance matrix, G. Here, we estimated G for key life history traits in an obligate univoltine...

Partner fidelity and environmental filtering preserve stage-specific turtle ant gut symbioses for over 40 million years

Yi Hu, Catherine D’Amelio, Benoît Béchade, Christian Cabuslay, Piotr Lukasik, Jon Sanders, Shauna Price, Emily Fanwick, Scott Powell, Corrie Moreau & Jacob Russell
Sustaining beneficial gut symbioses presents a major challenge for animals, Including holometabolous insects. Social insects may meet such challenges through behavioral symbiont transfer and transgenerational inheritance through colony founders. We address such potential through colony-wide explorations across 13 eusocial, holometabolous ant species in the genus Cephalotes. Through amplicon sequencing and qPCR, we show that previously characterized worker microbiomes are largely conserved across adult castes, that adult microbiomes exhibit strong trends of phylosymbiosis, and that Cephalotes...

Dataset for the study researching psychological interventions countering misinformation in social media - version 1

Paweł Gwiaździński, Aleksander B. Gundersen, Michał Piksa, Izabela Krysińska, Jonas R. Kunst, Karolina Noworyta, Agata Olejniuk, Mikołaj Morzy, Rafał Ryguła, Tomi Wójtowicz & Jan Piasecki

Data to publication \"Body size variability across habitats in the Brachionus plicatilis cryptic species complex\" - concept

Aleksandra Walczyńska & Manuel Serra

Reduced internalization of ectosomes by hyperglycemic endothelial cells influences wound healing processes - concept

Anna Drozdz, Tomasz Kołodziej, Sonia Wróbel, Krzysztof Misztal, Marta Targosz-Korecka, Marek Drab, Małgorzata Przybyło, Zenon Rajfur & Ewa Stepien

Research datasets of the article: \"The chemistry and histology of sexually dimorphic mental glands in the freshwater turtle, Mauremys leprosa\" - concept

Alejandro Ibáñez, Albert Martínez-Silvestre, Dagmara Podkowa, Aneta Woźniakiewicz, Michał Woźniakiewicz & Maciej Pabijan

An insight into the stages of ion leakage during red blood cell storage - concept

Anna Zimna, Magdalena Kaczmarska, Ewa Szczęsny-Małysiak, Aleksandra Wajda, Katarzyna Bułat, Fatih Alcicek, Małgorzata Zygmunt, Tomasz Sacha & Katarzyna M. Marzec

Data from: \"How a bee is made: sex-dependent elemental budget of the wild mason bee Osmia bicornis with surprisingly intense phosphorous allocation into cocoons\" - version 1

Michał Filipiak, Michał Woyciechowski & Marcin Czarnoleski

B-GOOD Database on Nectar & Pollen Production - concept

Michał Filipiak, Aleksandra Walczyńska & Elżbieta Ziółkowska

Trump's Holy Grail or a Sleeping Giant - the role of the hispanic electorate in the 2020 presidential elections - concept

Anna Bartnik

Most likely DNA sequence version 1.0 - concept

Jacek Kaczyński

Psychoterapia grupowa online : proces grupowy i efektywność : badania wstępne - concept

Zbigniew Wajda

Data from \"Imaging and spectroscopy of domains of the cellular membrane by photothermal-induced resonance\" - concept

Luca Quaroni

Experimental data for paper : the acid-base/deprotonation equilibrium can be studied with a microscale thermophoresis (MST) - concept

Paweł Nowak & Michał Woźniakiewicz

0-1 matrix of Pulsatilla patens ISSR markers : regenerants/plants and seedlings from Busko-Zdrój/plants from Kolimagi - concept

Aneta Słomka, Justyna Żabicka, Piotr Żabicki, Monika Jędrzejczyk-Korycińska, Teresa Nowak, Monika Kwiatkowska, Elżbieta Kuta, Elwira Sliwinska & Grzegorz Migdałek

Dataset for the study \"Are we willing to share what we believe is true? Factors influencing susceptibility to fake news\" - concept

Michał Piksa, Karolina Noworyta, Aleksander B. Gundersen, Jonas R. Kunst, Mikołaj Morzy, Jan Piasecki & Rafał Ryguła

Testing the influence of hyperglycemia on the content of amino acids, fatty acids and selected lipids in extracellular vesicles using tof-sim - version 1

Magdalena Marzec, Ewa Stepien & Carina Rząca

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