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Factor structure and psychometric properties of Polish version Parental Bonding Instrument (PBI) among adults and adolescents - concept

Zbigniew Wajda, Bernadetta Izydorczyk, Aleksandra Ściegienny & Kinga Łowińska

Research datasets of the article: \"The chemistry and histology of sexually dimorphic mental glands in the freshwater turtle, Mauremys leprosa\" - version 1

Alejandro Ibáñez, Albert Martínez-Silvestre, Dagmara Podkowa, Aneta Woźniakiewicz, Michał Woźniakiewicz & Maciej Pabijan

Raw images for histology pictures of the article: \"The chemistry and histology of sexually dimorphic mental glands in the freshwater turtle, Mauremys leprosa\" - concept

Alejandro Ibáñez, Albert Martínez-Silvestre, Dagmara Podkowa, Aneta Woźniakiewicz, Michał Woźniakiewicz & Maciej Pabijan

RAW chromatographic data (GC-MS) for the article: \"The chemistry and histology of sexually dimorphic mental glands in the freshwater turtle, Mauremys leprosa\" - version 1

Alejandro Ibáñez, Albert Martínez-Silvestre, Dagmara Podkowa, Aneta Woźniakiewicz, Michał Woźniakiewicz & Maciej Pabijan

Data to publication \"Clonal thermal preferences affect the strength of the temperature-size rule\" - concept

Anna Stuczyńska, Mateusz Sobczyk, Edyta Fiałkowska, Wioleta Kocerba-Soroka, Agnieszka Pajdak-Stós, Joanna Starzycka & Aleksandra Walczyńska

Reduced internalization of ectosomes by hyperglycemic endothelial cells influences wound healing processes - version 1

Anna Drozdz, Tomasz Kołodziej, Sonia Wróbel, Krzysztof Misztal, Marta Targosz-Korecka, Marek Drab, Małgorzata Przybyło, Zenon Rajfur & Ewa Stepien

Data file for the article : everyday memory failures across adulthood : implications for the age prospective memory paradox, PLOS ONE 2020 - concept

Agnieszka Niedźwieńska, Józefina Sołga, Patrycja Zagaja & Magdalena Żołnierz

Farmers 2017 - concept

Zbigniew Drąg & Krzysztof Gorlach

Spectroscopic signature of red blood cells in a D-galactose-induced accelerated aging model - concept

Aneta Blat, Tetiana Stepnanenko, Katarzyna Bułat, Aleksandra Wajda, Jakub Dybaś, Tasnim Mohaissen, Fatih Alcicek, Ewa Szczęsny-Małysiak, Kamilla Malek, Andrzej Fedorowicz & Katarzyna M. Marzec

Trump's Holy Grail or a Sleeping Giant - the role of the hispanic electorate in the 2020 presidential elections - version 1

Anna Bartnik

Data from: \"How a bee is made: sex-dependent elemental budget of the wild mason bee Osmia bicornis with surprisingly intense phosphorous allocation into cocoons\" - concept

Michał Filipiak, Michał Woyciechowski & Marcin Czarnoleski

Data from: Day/night upper thermal limits differ within Ectatomma ruidum ant colonies

Annika S. Nelson, Trey Scott, Maciej Barczyk, Terrence P. McGlynn, Arian Avalos, Elizabeth Clifton, Amlan Das, Andreia Figueiredo, Laura L. Figueroa, Mark Janowiecki, Sarah Pahlke, Jignasha D. Rana & Sean O'Donnell
In the tropics, daily temperature fluctuations can pose physiological challenges for ectothermic organisms, and upper thermal limits may affect foraging activity over the course of the day. Variation in upper thermal limits can occur among and within species, and for social insects such as ants, within colonies. Within colonies, upper thermal limits may differ among individuals or change for an individual throughout the day. Daytime foragers of the Neotropical ant Ectatomma ruidum have higher critical...

Data from: Hold your breath beetle – mites!

Agnieszka Gudowska, Szymon M. Drobniak, Bartosz W. Schramm, Anna Maria Labecka, Jan Kozłowski, Ulf Bauchinger & Jan Kozlowski
Respiratory gas exchange in insects occurs via a branching tracheal system. The entrances to the air-filled tracheae are the spiracles, which are gate-like structures in the exoskeleton. The open or closed state of spiracles defines the three possible gas exchange patterns of insects. In resting insects, spiracles may open and close over time in a repeatable fashion that results in a discontinuous gas exchange (DGE) pattern characterized by periods of zero organism-to-environment gas exchange. Several...

Data from: Parental genetic similarity and offspring performance in blue tits in relation to brood size manipulation

Aneta Arct, Szymon Drobniak, Samantha Mellinger, Lars Gustafsson & Mariusz Cichon
In birds, as in many other taxa, the level of genetic similarity between parents is an important source of variation in offspring fitness. The majority of avian studies which explore the influence of mates’ genetic similarity on offspring viability have focused on hatching success as a viability measure. Yet, viability benefits may extend into later life stages, including the nestling period and beyond. Here, we analysed data from free-living blue tits (Cyanistes caeruleus) across three...

Data from: Randomized phase 2 study of FcRn antagonist efgartigimod in generalized myasthenia gravis

James F. Howard, Vera Bril, Ted M. Burns, Renato Mantegazza, Malgorzata Bilinska, Andrzej Szczudlik, Said Beydoun, Francisco Javier Rodriguez De Rivera Garrido, Fredrik Piehl, Mariarosa Rottoli, Philip Van Damme, Tuan Vu, Amelia Evoli, Miriam Freimer, Tahseen Mozaffar, E. Sally Ward, Torsten Dreier, Peter Ulrichts, Katrien Verschueren, Antonio Guglietta, Hans De Haard, Nicolas Leupin & Jan J. G. M. Verschuuren
Objective: To investigate safety and explore efficacy of efgartigimod (ARGX-113), an anti-neonatal Fc receptor immunoglobulin G1 Fc fragment, in patients with generalized myasthenia gravis (gMG) with a history of anti-acetylcholine receptor (AChR) autoantibodies, who were on stable standard-of-care myasthenia gravis (MG) treatment. Methods: A phase 2, exploratory, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, 15-center study is described. Eligible patients were randomly assigned (1:1) to receive 4 doses over a 3-week period of either 10 mg/kg IV efgartigimod or...

Intersexual differences in density-dependent dispersal and their evolutionary drivers

Elisa Plazio, Tomasz Margol & Piotr Nowicki
Dispersal is well recognised as a major driver of evolutionary processes in local populations. Nevertheless, dispersal abilities should also be perceived as a life history trait, being subject to evolutionary changes in response to various drivers. Empirical studies investigating these drivers rarely consider that they may influence male and female dispersal differently. The purpose of our study was to document intersexual differences in density-dependent emigration from local habitat patches. As a model system we used...

Heatwave effects on the behavior and life history traits of sedentary antlions

Krzysztof Miler, Daniel Stec & Marcin Czarnoleski
Research on the behavioral responses of animals to extreme weather events, such as heatwaves, is lacking even though their frequency and intensity in nature are increasing. Here, we investigated the behavioral response to a simulated heatwave in two species of antlions (Neuroptera: Myrmeleontidae). These insects spend the majority of their lives as larvae and live in sandy areas suitable for a trap-building hunting strategy. We used larvae of Myrmeleon bore and Euroleon nostras, which are...

Bertalanffy's growth curves of A. anatina duck mussels in 18 Polish lakes with reference to living conditions

Marcin Czarnoleski
1. Post-maturation growth leading to indeterminate growth patterns is widespread in nature. However, its adaptive value is unclear. Life history theory suggests this allocation strategy may be favoured by temporal pulses in the intensity of mortality and/or the capacity to produce new tissues. 2. Addressing the origin of indeterminate growth and the variability of growth patterns, we studied the growth of duck mussels, Anodonta anatina, a pan-European unionid, in 18 Polish lakes. For each population...

Song data 2020 - version 1

Maëlle Lefeuvre, ChuChu Lu, Carlos A Botero & Joanna Rutkowska

RNA seq data of cardiac fibroblasts after stimulation with WNT3a or WNT5a in the presence of TGFβ - version 1

Przemysław Błyszczuk & Edyta Działo

Risk Factors for Hepatotoxicity Due to Paracetamol Overdose in Adults - version 1

Iwona Popiołek, Piotr Hydzik, Paweł Jagielski, Monika Zrodlowska, Karol Mystek & Grzegorz Porebski

Results of the test for T, P and CP symmetry in the decay of ortho-Positronium using the J-PET detector - concept

Juhi Raj, Pawel Moskal & Eryk Czerwiński

The set of measurement data from the use of an acylhydrazone-based metal-organic framework in solid-contact potassium-selective electrode - version 1

Paweł Kościelniak, Marek Dębosz, Marcin Wieczorek, Monika Szufla, Dariusz Matoga & Jolanta Kochana

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