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Data from: Physical and ecological isolation contribute to maintain genetic differentiation between fire salamander subspecies

Bernardo Antunes, Guillermo Velo-Antón, David Buckley, Ricardo J. Pereira & Iñigo Martínez-Solano
Landscape features shape patterns of gene flow among populations, ultimately determining where taxa lay along the continuum between panmixia to complete reproductive isolation. Gene flow can be restricted leading to population differentiation in two non-exclusive ways: “physical isolation”, in which geographic distance in combination with the landscape features restricts movement of individuals promoting genetic drift, and “ecological isolation”, in which adaptive mechanisms constrain gene flow between different environments via divergent natural selection. In central Iberia,...

B-GOOD Database on Nectar & Pollen Production - concept

Michał Filipiak, Aleksandra Walczyńska & Elżbieta Ziółkowska

An insight into the stages of ion leakage during red blood cell storage - concept

Anna Zimna, Magdalena Kaczmarska, Ewa Szczęsny-Małysiak, Aleksandra Wajda, Katarzyna Bułat, Fatih Alcicek, Małgorzata Zygmunt, Tomasz Sacha & Katarzyna M. Marzec

Trump's Holy Grail or a Sleeping Giant - the role of the hispanic electorate in the 2020 presidential elections - concept

Anna Bartnik

Season, anthocyanin supplementation, and flight training have mixed effects on the antioxidant system of migratory European starlings (Sturnus vulgaris)

Abigail Frawley, Kristen J. DeMoranville, Katherine M. Carbeck, Lisa Trost, Amadeusz Bryła, Maciej Dzialo, Edyta T. Sadowska, Ulf Bauchinger, Barbara J. Pierce & Scott McWilliams
Migratory birds engage in two periods of endurance flight annually as they travel between summer breeding and overwintering grounds, and such endurance flights likely incur oxidative costs. These costs may differ between fall and spring migration, especially for females who must prepare for breeding and egg laying in spring. The objective of this study of a migratory bird was to test proposed hypotheses about how key components of the female’s antioxidant system differ in response...

Data from: \"How a bee is made: sex-dependent elemental budget of the wild mason bee Osmia bicornis with surprisingly intense phosphorous allocation into cocoons\" - version 1

Michał Filipiak, Michał Woyciechowski & Marcin Czarnoleski

Psychoterapia grupowa online : proces grupowy i efektywność : badania wstępne - concept

Zbigniew Wajda

Data from \"Imaging and spectroscopy of domains of the cellular membrane by photothermal-induced resonance\" - concept

Luca Quaroni

Flight training and dietary antioxidants have mixed effects on the oxidative status of multiple tissues in a female migratory songbird

Abigail Frawley, Kristen DeMoranville, Katherine Carbeck, Lisa Trost, Amadeusz Bryła, Maciej Dzialo, Edyta Sadowska, Ulf Bauchinger, Barbara Pierce & Scott McWilliams
Birds, like other vertebrates, rely on a robust antioxidant system to protect themselves against oxidative imbalance caused by energy-intensive activities such as flying. Such oxidative challenges may be especially acute for females during spring migration, since they must pay the oxidative costs of flight while preparing for reproduction; however, little previous work has examined how the antioxidant system of female spring migrants responds to dietary antioxidants and the oxidative challenges of regular flying. We fed...

Most likely DNA sequence version 1.0 - concept

Jacek Kaczyński

EEG and actigraphy recordings in the sleep deprived experiment - version 1

Jeremi Ochab & Katarzyna Oleś

EEG and actigraphy recordings in the sleep deprived experiment - concept

Jeremi Ochab & Katarzyna Oleś

Data to figures and tables - concept

Anna Gawędzka, Marcin Grandys, Krzysztof Duda, Justyna Zapart-Bukowska, Jerzy A. Zoladz & Joanna Majerczak

Zooplankton body size is filtered by a thermo-oxygenic niche at a regional scale : data and Rcode - concept

Aleksandra Walczyńska, Agnieszka Gudowska & Łukasz Sobczyk

Data to publication \"Aerobic scope does matter in the temperature-size rule but only under optimal conditions\" - version 1

Aleksandra Walczyńska & Mateusz Sobczyk

Data to publication \"Aerobic scope does matter in the temperature-size rule but only under optimal conditions\" - concept

Aleksandra Walczyńska & Mateusz Sobczyk

Data set for table and figures - concept

Anna Gawędzka, Malgorzata Knapik-Czajka, Jagoda Drąg, Justyna Bieleń, Małgorzata Belczyk, Edyta Radwańska & Dariusz Adamek

B-GOOD Database on Nectar & Pollen Production - version 1

Michał Filipiak, Aleksandra Walczyńska & Elżbieta Ziółkowska

The two-factor structure of cognitive flexibility : tempo of switching and overcoming of prepotent responses - data - version 1

Aleksandra Różańska, Weronika Król, Jarosław Orzechowski & Aleksandra Gruszka-Gosiewska

Media pressure and the process of westernization of body self-assessment in young heterosexual and gay Polish men - version 1

Bernadetta Izydorczyk & Jakub Wojtas

Next-generation phylogeography of the banded newts (Ommatotriton): A phylogenetic hypothesis for three ancient species with geographically restricted interspecific gene flow and deep intraspecific genetic structure

Isolde Van Riemsdijk, J. W. Arntzen, Wiesław Babik, Sergé Bogaerts, Michael Franzen, Konstantinos Kalaentzis, Spartak N. Litvinchuk, Kurtuluş Olgun, Jan Willem P.M. Wijnands & Ben Wielstra
Technological developments now make it possible to employ many markers for many individuals in a phylogeographic setting, even for taxa with large and complex genomes such as salamanders. The banded newt (genus Ommatotriton) from the Near East has been proposed to contain three species (O. nesterovi, O. ophryticus and O. vittatus) with unclear phylogenetic relationships, apparently limited interspecific gene flow and deep intraspecific geographic mtDNA structure. We use parallel tagged amplicon sequencing to obtain 177...

Exercise training has morph-specific effects on telomere, body condition and growth dynamics in a color-polymorphic lizard

Christopher Friesen, Wilson Wilson, Nicky Rollings, Joanna Sudyka, Mathieu Giraudeau, Camilla Whittington & Mats Olsson
Alternative reproductive tactics (ARTs) are correlated suites of sexually selected traits that are likely to impose differential physiological costs on different individuals. While moderate activity might be beneficial, animals living in the wild often work at the margins of their resources and performance limits. Individuals using ARTs may have divergent capacities for activity. When pushed beyond their respective capacities, they may experience condition loss, oxidative stress, and molecular damage that must be repaired with limited...

Most likely DNA sequence version 1.0 - version 1

Jacek Kaczyński

Label-free real-time measurement of metabolism of adherent and suspended single cells - version 1

Tommaso Vannocci, Luca Quaroni, Antonio de Riso, Giulia Milordini, Magda Wolna, Gianfelice Cinque & Annalisa Pastore

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