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Data from: Evidence from pyrosequencing indicates that natural variation in animal personality is associated with DRD4 DNA methylation

Eveline C. Verhulst, A. Christa Mateman, Mathijs V. Zwier, Samuel P. Caro, Koen J. F. Verhoeven, Kees Van Oers & Koen J.F. Verhoeven
Personality traits are heritable and respond to natural selection, but are at the same time influenced by the ontogenetic environment. Epigenetic effects, such as DNA methylation, have been proposed as a key mechanism to control personality variation. However, to date little is known about the contribution of epigenetic effects to natural variation in behaviour. Here, we show that great tit (Parus major) lines artificially selected for divergent exploratory behaviour for four generations differ in their...

Data from: Cost-minimization model of a multidisciplinary antibiotic stewardship team based on a successful implementation on a urology ward of an academic hospital

Jan-Willem H. Dik, Ron Hendrix, Alex W. Friedrich, Jos Luttjeboer, Prashant Nannan Panday, Kasper R. Wilting, Jerome R. Lo-Ten-Foe, Maarten J. Postma & Bhanu Sinha
Background: In order to stimulate appropriate antimicrobial use and thereby lower the chances of resistance development, an Antibiotic Stewardship Team (A-Team) has been implemented at the University Medical Center Groningen, the Netherlands. Focus of the A-Team was a pro-active day 2 case-audit, which was financially evaluated here to calculate the return on investment from a hospital perspective. Methods: Effects were evaluated by comparing audited patients with a historic cohort with the same diagnosis-related groups. Based...

Data from: Current management of surgical oncologic emergencies

Marianne R. F. Bosscher, Barbara L. Van Leeuwen & Harald J. Hoekstra
Objectives: For some oncologic emergencies, surgical interventions are necessary for dissolution or temporary relieve. In the absence of guidelines, the most optimal method for decision making would be in a multidisciplinary cancer conference (MCC). In an acute setting, the opportunity for multidisciplinary discussion is often not available. In this study, the management and short term outcome of patients after surgical oncologic emergency consultation was analyzed. Method: A prospective registration and follow up of adult patients...

Data from: Quantitative comparison of commercial and non-commercial metal artifact reduction techniques in computed tomography

Dirk Wagenaar, Emiel R. Van Der Graaf, Arjen Van Der Schaaf & Marcel J. W. Greuter
Objectives: Typical streak artifacts known as metal artifacts occur in the presence of strongly attenuating materials in computed tomography (CT). Recently, vendors have started offering metal artifact reduction (MAR) techniques. In addition, a MAR technique called the metal deletion technique (MDT) is freely available and able to reduce metal artifacts using reconstructed images. Although a comparison of the MDT to other MAR techniques exists, a comparison of commercially available MAR techniques is lacking. The aim...

Data from: Longitudinal study of performance on the Ruff Figural Fluency Test in persons aged 35 years or older

Marlise E. A. Van Eersel, Hanneke Joosten, Janneke Koerts, Ron T. Gansevoort, Joris P. J. Slaets & Gerbrand J. Izaks
The Ruff Figural Fluency Test (RFFT) is a cognitive test to measure executive function. Longitudinal studies have shown that repeated testing improves performance on the RFFT. Such a practice effect may hinder the interpretation of test results in a clinical setting. Therefore, we investigated the longitudinal performance on the RFFT in persons aged 35–82 years. Performance on the RFFT was measured three times over an average follow-up period of six years in 2,515 participants of...

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  • 2015

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  • University Medical Center Groningen
  • University of Groningen
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