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Activity synchronization and fission decisions

Laura Busia, Colleen M. Schaffner & Filippo Aureli
Group-living animals need to reach a consensus to maintain cohesion. When the costs of consensus outweigh the benefits, the group may (temporarily) split into two or more subgroups. Consensus can concern the activity to pursue or the direction of travel. Temporary group separation is a common feature in species with a high degree of fission-fusion dynamics. We investigated the role activity synchronization played in fission decisions in a spider monkey group living in the Otoch...

Data from: BIOVERA-Tree: tree diversity, community composition, forest structure and functional traits along gradients of forest-use intensity and elevation in Veracruz, Mexico

María Leticia Monge González, Patrick Weigelt, Nathaly Guerrero Ramírez, Dylan Craven, Gonzalo Castillo Campos, Thorsten Krömer & Holger Kreft
Here, we describe BIOVERA-Tree, a database on tree diversity, community composition, forest structure, and functional traits collected in 120 forest plots distributed along an extensive elevational gradient in Veracruz State, Mexico. BIOVERA-Tree includes information on forest structure from three levels of forest-use intensity, namely old-growth, degraded, and secondary forest, replicated across eight elevations from sea-level to near the tree line at 3500 m and on size and location of 4549 tree individuals with a diameter...

Data from: Putting vascular epiphytes on the traits map

Peter Hietz, Katrin Wagner, Flavio Nunes Ramos, Juliano Sarmento Cabral, Gerhard Zotz, Claudia Agudelo, Ana Maria Benavides, Manuel Cach Pérez, Catherine Cardelús, Nahelli Chilpa Galván, Lucas Costa, Rodolfo De Paula Oliveiras, Helena Einzmann, Rafael Farias, Valeria Guzmán Jacob, Michael Kessler, Catherine Kirby, Holger Kreft, Thorsten Krömer, Jamie Males, Samuel Monsalve Correa, Maria Moreno, Gunnar Petter, Casandra Reyes, Alfredo Saldaña … & Carrie Woods
Epiphyte trait data for the paper Hietz et al. 2021 Putting vascular epiphytes on the traits map. Journal of Ecology Plant functional traits impact the fitness and environmental niche of plants. Major plant functional types have been characterized by their trait spectrum, and the environmental and phylogenetic imprints on traits have advanced several ecological fields. Yet very few trait data on epiphytes, which represent almost 10% of vascular plants, are available. We collated >80,000 mostly...

The frugivory network between birds and plants in a Neotropical periurban park

Ernesto Ruelas Inzunza
Frugivory networks exhibit a set of properties characterized by a number of network-theory derived metrics. Their structure often form deterministic patterns that can be explained by the functional roles of interacting species. Although we know lots about how these networks are organized when ecosystems are in a complete, functional condition, we know much less about how incomplete and simplified networks (such as those found in urban and periurban parks) are organized, which features are maintained,...

Data from: Functional diversity and redundancy of tropical forests shift with elevation and forest-use intensity

María Leticia Monge González, Nathaly Guerrero Ramírez, Thorsten Krömer, Holger Kreft & Dylan Craven
1. Change and intensification of forest use alter tropical ecosystems, influencing biodiversity and, subsequently, ecosystem functioning. The implications of eroding biodiversity may go beyond decreases in species diversity, resulting in changes of functional diversity, i.e. the diversity of ecological strategies present in the community, and functional redundancy, i.e. how redundant these strategies are to biodiversity loss. However, how environmental conditions and anthropogenic influences shape functional diversity and redundancy in tropical forests remains poorly understood. 2....

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