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Stability map, emissions, spectrum and ESR data for a wide range of CH4/NH3/H2 ternary blends

Syed Mashruk, Marco Osvaldo Vigueras-Zuniga, Maria-Elena Tejeda-Del-Cueto, Hua Xiao, Chunkan Yu, Ulrich Maas & Agustin Valera-Medina
Set of data was obtained for various CH4/NH3/H2 blends using an industrial scale swirl burner with a swirl no, Sg = 1.05. Instability data in terms of flashback, lean blow off and rich blow off are provided in the 1st sheet, titled 'Stability Maps Data'. Exhaust emissions was measured by a bespoke state-of-art Quantum Cascade Analyser (CT5100) for some selected blends with an equivalence ratio of 1.2. This emissions data is provided in the 2nd...

Data from: Not just females: the socio-ecology of social interactions between spider monkey males

Amor Aline Saldana Sanchez
Male-male relationships are mostly characterized by competition. However, males also cooperate with one another if socio-ecological conditions are suitable. Due to their male philopatry, need for cooperation in home range defence and high degree of fission-fusion dynamics, spider monkeys provide an opportunity to investigate how male-male interactions are associated with socio-ecological factors, such as the presence of potentially receptive females, the degree of food availability and the likelihood of home range defence. We tested predictions...

Broad- and small-scale environmental gradients drive variation in chemical, but not morphological, leaf traits of vascular epiphytes

Valeria Guzmán-Jacob, Nathaly Guerrero Ramirez, Dylan Craven, Gustavo Brant Paterno, Amanda Taylor, Thorsten Kromer, Wolfgang Wanek, Gerhard Zotz & Holger Kreft
Variation in leaf functional traits along environmental gradients can reveal how vascular epiphytes respond to broad- and small-scale environmental gradients. Along elevational gradients, both temperature and precipitation likely play an important role as drivers of leaf trait variation, but these traits may also respond to small-scale changes in light, temperature, and humidity along the vertical environmental gradient within forest canopies. However, the relative importance of broad- and small-scale environmental gradients as drivers of variation in...

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  • 2022

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  • University of Göttingen
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