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Data from: Sex ratio of Western Bluebirds Sialia mexicana is mediated by phenology and clutch size

Andrew Bartlow, Mark Jankowski, Charles Hathcock, Randall Ryti, Steven Reneau & Jeanne Fair
Mothers may produce more of one sex to maximize their fitness if there are differences in the cost of producing each sex or there are differences in their relative reproductive value. We tested if breeding date, clutch size and drought conditions influenced offspring sex ratios in Western Bluebirds (Sialia mexicana) from 1997 to 2017. We found that hatch dates late in the breeding season were associated with the production of more females. When clutch size...

A unifying framework for analyzing temporal changes in functional and taxonomic diversity along disturbance gradients

Erin Larson, N. Leroy Poff, W. Chris Funk, Rachel Harrington, Boris Kondratieff, Scott Morton & Alexander Flecker
Frameworks exclusively considering functional diversity are gaining popularity, as they complement and extend the information provided by taxonomic diversity metrics, particularly in response to disturbance. Taxonomic diversity should be included in functional diversity frameworks to uncover the functional mechanisms causing species loss following disturbance events. We present and test a predictive framework that considers temporal functional and taxonomic diversity responses along disturbance gradients. Our proposed framework allows us to test different multidimensional metrics of taxonomic...

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  • 2021

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