Data from: Structural and compositional dynamics of strictly protected woodland communities with silvicultural implications, using Białowieża Forest as an example

Bogdan Brzeziecki, Kamil Bielak, Leszek Bolibok, Stanisław Drozdowski, Jacek Zajączkowski & Henryk Żybura
• Key message: Long-term strict protection of woodland communities may lead to their compositional simplification and homogenisation. • Context: In the past, it has often been postulated that structures and processes typical for natural forests should be mimicked by silvicultural activities in the case of managed tree stands. • Aims: To determine which features and traits of natural woodland communities (alongside typical old-growth attributes) should be imitated in managed forests, as well as which should...

Registration Year

  • 2018

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  • Dataset


  • University of Life Sciences