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Molding 3D curved structures by selective heating

Shankar Ghosh, Harsh Jain & Nitin Nitsure
It is of interest to fabricate curved surfaces in three dimensions from homogeneous material in the form of flat sheets. The aim is not just to obtain a surface which has a desired intrinsic Riemannian metric, but to get the desired embedding in R^3 up to translations and rotations. In this paper, we demonstrate three generic methods of molding a flat sheet of thermo-responsive plastic by selective contraction induced by targeted heating. These methods do...

Dispersal and migration have contrasting effects on butterfly flight morphology and reproduction

Vaishali Bhaumik & Krushnamegh Kunte
Movement may fundamentally alter morphology and reproductive states in insects. In long-distance migrants, reproductive diapause is associated with trade-offs between diverse life history traits such as flight morphology and lifespan. However, many non-diapausing insects engage in shorter resource-driven dispersals. How diapause and other reproductive states alter flight morphology in migrating versus dispersing insects is poorly understood. To find out, we compared flight morphology in different reproductive states of multiple butterfly species. We found that dispersers...

Grazing and climate change have site-dependent interactive effects on vegetation in Asian montane rangelands

Mayank Kohli, Tserennadmid Mijidorj, Kulbhushansingh Suryawanshi, Charudutt Mishra, Bazartseren Boldgiv & Mahesh Sankaran
1. Climate over Asian montane rangelands is changing faster than the global average, posing serious threats to the future of the region’s livestock-based economies and cultures. Effects of climate change on rangeland vegetation likely depend on grazing by herbivores but the potential responses of vegetation to such changes in climate and grazing regimes remains unclear. 2. We examined vegetation responses to experimentally simulated climate change (warming, drought and increased rainfall) and grazing (clipping vegetation) between...

Characterizing long-range search behavior in Diptera using complex 3D virtual environments

Shannon Olsson, Pavan Kumar Kaushik & Marian Renz
The exemplary search capabilities of flying insects have established them as one of the most diverse taxa on Earth. However, we still lack the fundamental ability to quantify, represent, and predict trajectories under natural contexts to understand search and its applications. For example, flying insects have evolved in complex multimodal 3D environments, but we do not yet understand which features of the natural world are used to locate distant objects. Here, we independently and dynamically...

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