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Q factor and frequency data for parallel plate resonator calibration

Richard Gumbleton, Samuel J Hefford, Jerome A Cuenca, Kenneth Nai & Adrian Porch
Microwave surface resistance is evaluated using a novel parallel plate resonator fixture through the direct measurment of Quality factor and resoant frequency. Measurment data is available in .xlsx format, where measurments for each samples plate are recorded as coloum entries consiting of Frequency (Hz), Quailty factor and evaluated surface resistance(Ohms). Each table row corresponds to repeated measurment results. Samples measured include buk Al6082 and silver plated Al6082 as well as additive manufactured AlSi10Mg and Ti6Al4V....

The development, design and characterisation of a scale model horizontal axis tidal turbine for dynamic load quantification - data

Matthew Allmark, Tim O'Doherty, Allan Mason-Jones, Robert Ellis, Catherine Lloyd & Carlton Byrne
The data set contains experimental data collected during towing tank testing of horizontal axis tidal turbine. The 1/20th scale tidal turbine was tested at the Kelvin Hydrodynamic Laboritory tow tank facility in Glasgow. The data sets include measurements taken from instrumentation measuring turbine loading as well as readings taken of generator/motor parameters. Furthermore, the data sets include readings of a series of capacitance ultrasonic wave probes. The data is presented as a .mat workspace. The...

Prediction of Novel Humified Gas Turbine Cycle Parameters for Ammonia/Hydrogen Fuels - data

Milana Guteša Božo & Agustin Valera-Medina
Data to determine the best cycle configuration in a humidified ammonia/hydrogen gas turbine have been generated to address the inefficiencies of the use of ammonia-blends in power generation. The data contains results of chemical kinetics through a Chemical Reaction Network assessed under high pressure, high temperature conditions using a 70-30 ammonia-hydrogen (vol%) humidified blend. Several efficiencies (mechanical, combustion, turbine expansion, cooling, steam injection, etc.) are also determined, analyzed with variations of 5%, and compared, providing...

Photocatalytic behavior of Ba(Sb/Ta)2O6 perovskite for reduction of organic pollutants: Experimental and DFT correlation - data

Madhuri S Patila, Narasimharao Kitchamsetti, Sameena R Mulani, Sachin R. Rondiya, Nishad G Deshpande, Ranjit A Patil, Russell W Cross, Nelson Y Dzade, Kirankumar K Sharma, Pramod S Patil, Yuan-Ron Ma, Hyung Koun Cho & Rupesh S Devan
We have synthesized closely packed hexagonal 2D plates and clustered nanoparticle morphologies of Ba(Sb/Ta)2O6 (BSTO) perovskite via the polymerizable complex method for photocatalyst dye degradation activities. The BSTO crystallized in a hexagonal structure. The presence of Ba2+, Sb5+, Ta5+, and O2− chemical states identified from XPS confirmed the formation of pure Ba(Sb/Ta)2O6 phase accompanied with a minor amount of TaOx. Furthermore, BSTO showed excellent photocatalytic activity for the degradation of various organic dyes. The kinetic...

Observation of Coherent Spin Waves in a Three-Dimensional Artificial Spin Ice Structure - data

Sourav Sahoo, Andrew May, Arjen Van Den Berg, Amrit Kumar Mondal, Sam Ladak & Anjan Barman
The spin wave (SW) dynamics of the 3D array were measured by using conventional Brillouin light scattering (BLS) technique. The 3D-ASI was fabricated by using a combination of TPL and thermal evaporation. BLS is a popular tool to measure SW dynamics of magnetic thin films and patterned nanostructures. It is a non-contact and thus non-invasive tool to measure thermally excited SWs at room temperature without any external excitation and under ambient conditions. This technique relies...

What you sample is what you get: ecomorphological variation in Trithemis (Odonata, Libellulidae) dragonfly wings reconsidered

Norman MacLeod, Banjamin Price & Zachary Stevens
Abstract Background The phylogenetic ecology of the Afro-Asian dragonfly genus Trithemis has been investigated previously by Damm et al. (in Mol Phylogenet Evol 54:870–882, 2010) and wing ecomorphology by Outomuro et al. (in J Evol Biol 26:1866–1874, 2013). However, the latter investigation employed a somewhat coarse sampling of forewing and hindwing outlines and reported results that were at odds in some ways with expectations given the mapping of landscape and water-body preference over the Trithemis...

Structure and in silico simulations of a cold-active esterase reveals its prime cold-adaptation mechanism - data

Nehad Noby, Husam Sabah Auhim, Samuel Winter, Harley L Worthy, Pierre J Rizkallah, Stephen A Wells & Darran Dafydd Jones
The structure was detmined of a cold active family IV esterase (EstN7) cloned from Bacillus cohnii strain N1. EstN7 is a dimer with a classical α/β hydrolase fold. It has an acidic surface that is thought to play a role in cold-adaption by retaining solvation under changed water solvent entropy at lower temperatures. The conformation of the functionally important cap region is significantly different to EstN7's closest relatives, forming a bridge-like structure with reduced helical...

Timing and impact of psychiatric, cognitive and motor abnormalities in Huntington disease: Supplemental information

Thomas Massey
Objective To assess the prevalence, timing and functional impact of psychiatric, cognitive and motor abnormalities in Huntington’s disease (HD) gene carriers, we analysed retrospective clinical data from individuals with manifest HD. Methods Clinical features of HD patients were analysed for 6316 individuals in the European REGISTRY study from 161 sites across 17 countries. Data came from clinical history and the patient-completed Clinical Characteristics Questionnaire that assessed eight symptoms: motor, cognitive, apathy, depression, perseverative/obsessive behavior, irritability,...

Detecting the presence of nesting nightjar in upland clear-fell using drone-mounted thermal cameras

Mike Shewring & Jim Vafidis
1. Confirming the presence and location of European Nightjar Caprimulgus europaeus nests is a significant fieldwork challenge in ecological monitoring. Nest sites can be located through direct observation or capture and radio tracking of breeding individuals, however such work is time-consuming, disturbing and costly. 2. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles equipped with thermal sensors may enable rapid survey over large areas by detecting nest locations based on the contrast of relatively warm nests and the surrounding cooler...

Iron-Nickel-Sulfide Characterisation and Catalytic Testing Data

Claire Mitchell, David Santos-Carballal, Andrew M Beale, Wilm Jones, Sankar Meenakshisundaram & Nora H De Leeuw
Catalytic data describing the production of formate from the hydrogenation of CO2 using iron-sulfide, iron-nickel-sulphide and nickel-sulfide catalysts prepared with different heat treatments under a range of reaction conditions. Catalyst characterisation of these materials include XRD analysis, giving an understanding of the violarite phase and crystallinity. XPS analysis gains understanding of the iron, nickel and sulphur species, and how sulphide and oxide species change under thermal oxidation. XAS analysis employed is vital to gain more...

Chatty Dataset

Mike Lakoju, Amir Javed, Samuelson Atiba, Peter Burnap & Omer Rana
A 6th generation Apple iPad was selected as the "Chatty device" for the experiment. Using this "Chatty device" a dataset was created while performing common product use activities, such as: walking, sitting, standing with the device, dropping, picking up the device, placing the device stationary on a surface and a vibrating surface. The data was collected from the following four in-built sensors. 1. Acceleration: 3-axes acceleration data - Refer to Acceleration X, Acceleration Y, Acceleration...

Lift-off Dielectric Resonator Calibration, Measurement and Simulation Data

Samuel J Hefford, Nicholas Clark, Richard Gumbleton & Porch Adrian
Lift-Off Dielectric Resonators (LODRs) are a novel variation of the common open-ended dielectric resonator measurement setup where the dielectric position is manipulated. They comprise of a conducting cavity shield, and a dielectric puck. They are used to make measurements of microwave surface resistance of conducting end plates through measurement of the resonant frequency (f0) and unloaded Q-factor (Q0) by substituting these values into a characteristic equation. The characteristic equation is found by first determining geometric...

Self-healing properties of supplementary cementitious materials in cement mortars: sorptivity and pore structure - data

Riccardo Maddalena & Diane R Gardner
Type of data: water capillary measurements in excel files, collected in undamaged, damaged and healed samples. XRD patterns, grouped in excel files, as 2theta degree and intensity values. Mercury Intrusion Porosimtery data, grouped into excel files. Data include Mercury pressure and pore size distribution. Porosity and density measurements in excel files.

Data from: Quantifying nectar production by flowering plants in urban and rural landscapes

Nicholas Tew, Jane Memmott, Ian Vaughan, Stephanie Bird, Graham Stone, Simon Potts & Katherine Baldock
Floral resources (nectar and pollen) provide food for insect pollinators but have declined in the countryside due to land use change. Given widespread pollinator loss, it is important that we quantify their food supply to help develop conservation actions. While nectar resources have been measured in rural landscapes, equivalent data are lacking for urban areas, an important knowledge gap as towns and cities often host diverse pollinator populations. We quantified the nectar supply of urban...

Computing the Orientational-Average of Diffusion-Weighted MRI Signals: A Comparison of Different Techniques - data

Maryam Afzali
Diffusion-weighted images were acquired on a 3T Connectom MR imaging system with 300 mT/m gradients (Siemens Healthineers, Erlangen, Germany). The protocol comprised10 b=0 and 8 non-zero shells (b=1,2,3,4.5,6,7.5,9,10.5,12 ms/μm2) along (31, 31, 31, 31, 61, 61, 61, 61, 61) directions. Forty-two axial slices with 3 mm isotropic voxel size and a 70×70 matrix size, TE = 88 ms, TR = 5200 ms, partial Fourier factor = 6/8, were obtained.

How bulk and surface properties of Ti4SiC3, V4SiC3, Nb4SiC3 and Zr4SiC3 tune reactivity: a computational study - data

Matthew Quesne, Nora H De Leeuw & C Richard A Catlow
The bulk and surface properties of early transition metal silicon carbides as well as their activity towards the reduction of CO2 is examined in this first principles DFT study. Data for basal (0001) planes of Ti4C3Si, V4C3Si, Nb4C3Si & Zr4C3Si is stored in one .xlsx file. The first sheet gives formation energies for each silicon carbide as related to the parent monocarbide material. Sheet 2 gives the density of states for each material. Sheet 3...

Metabolic responses of two pioneer wood decay fungi to diurnally cycling temperature

Anna Rawlings, Eoin O'Connor, Suzy C. Moody, Ed Dudley, Lynne Boddy, Mike S. Fowler, David A. Fitzpatrick, Sean Doyle & Dan C. Eastwood
This dataset contains pre-processed untargeted GC-MS metabolomics and direct shotgun proteomics from a microcosm woodblock experiment described in the paper "Rawlings et al (2021) Metabolic responses of two pioneer wood decay fungi to diurnally cycling temperature. Ecology." The experiment investigates the effect of diurnal cycling of temperature on the metabolism of two wood decay species, Mucidula mucida and Exidia glandulosa. We colonised beech woodblocks with the two species (separate microcosms) and exposed them to either...

Change and persistence of hunting & dietary practices among Kadazandusun-Murut (KDM) bearded pig hunters in Sabah, Malaysia

David Kurz, Fiffy Saikim, Vanielie Justine, Jordan Bloem, Matthew Libassi, Matthew Luskin, Lauren Withey, Benoit Goossens, Justin Brashares & Matthew Potts
This dataset consists of 38 semi-structured interviews that we conducted with Kadazandusun-Murut (KDM) hunters in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. The dataset is based on information shared during over 50 hours of time with the hunters. The data cover a variety of topics about the relationships between KDM hunters and bearded pigs, the favored game animal for this hunting group. We asked the hunters about their hunting and dietary practices, changes in hunting practices, and perceived changes...

ADV channel hydrodynamics data set for six engineered logjam structures

Stephanie Muller, Elizabeth Follett, Pablo Ouro & Catherine A Wilson
Using small-scale laboratory experiments, the upstream and downstream hydrodynamics of six idealised engineered logjams were investigated using Acoustic Doppler Velocimetry. Velocity profiles were measured along the channel centreline upstream and downstream of these jams. Velocity records were decomposed into time-averaged and fluctuation components, allowing the analysis of first and second order turbulence statistics at each measurement location and for each logjam. The data set comprises six excel files, with a separate file for each jam:...

Hydrodynamic measurement data set characterising the wake behind a single and various twin vertical axis turbines

Stephanie Muller, Valentine Muhawenimana, Maxine V Lazennec, Catherine A Wilson & Pablo Ouro
The wake characteristics behind a single vertical axis turbine (VAT) and a range of twin turbine configurations, separated by two lateral spacings (Sy) and rotating in various rotational directions, were characterised using small-scale laboratory experiments at the Hydro-Environmental Research Centre at Cardiff University. Analysed configurations include: Approach flow Single VAT (SVAT) Twin VAT – same rotational direction, Sy=1.5D Twin VAT – same rotational direction, Sy=2D Twin VAT – counter rotating forward, Sy=1.5D Twin VAT –...

Populations of high-value predators reflect the traits of their prey dataset

Cayetano Gutierrez Canovas, Thomas Worthington, David Noble, Daniel Perkins, Ian Vaughan, Guy Woodward, Steve Ormerod & Isabelle Durance
The extent to which prey traits combine to influence the abundance of predators is still poorly understood, particularly for mixed predators in sympatry and in aquatic ecosystems. In this study, we characterise prey use and distribution in iconic bird (grey wagtails and Eurasian dippers) and fish species (brown trout and Atlantic salmon) to assess whether prey traits could predict populations of these four riverine predators. Specifically, we hypothesised that: (i) Prey key traits would predict...

3D Pointcloud of Loughborough Library

Camilla Pezzica, Giovanni Bruschi, Mahdi Boughanmi & Oriel Prizeman
Pointclouds generated using Faro® Focus 3D X130 Laser scanner processed with Faro SCENE® with Structure-From-Motion photogrammetric pointclouds created using Leica® X1 24mm F2.8 lens (35mm full frame equivalent) 12.2Mp APS-C CMOS sensor in RAW processed using Agisoft Photoscan®. Final outputs combined using Cloud Compare® and Autodesk Recap®. Surveyed as an archetypal building for the AHRC funded Shelf-Life: Reimagining the Future of Carnegie Public Libraries project 2017-21 [AH/P002587/1].

Leaky barrier fish behaviour and velocity measurement data

Stephanie Muller, Catherine A M E Wilson, Pablo Ouro & Joanne Cable
Fish movement of Atlantic salmon (salmo salar) in response to a porous and non-porous model leaky barrier was investigated under bankfull (100%) and near bankfull (80%) flow condition. Results are published in https://doi.org/10.1098/rsos.201843. Experimental data are available online as electronic supplementary material (https://doi.org/10.1098/rsos.201843) and under (http://doi.org/10.17035/d.2021.0129240456). The excel file consists of fish behaviour data and hydrodynamic measurement data. Fish behaviour results are present for both flow conditions and all treatments (control (no leaky barrier), porous...

Q factor and microwave surface resistance measurements for additive manufactured plates and waveguides, produced using different build orientations and laser powers - data

Richard Gumbleton, Robert Batson, Kenneth Nai & Adrian Porch
A series of metal (AlSi10Mg) additive manufactured plates are measured using a microwave resoant cavity at 6,4 GHz. The data consits of measurment frequency, Q factor and surface resistance for plates built at 0, 45 and 90 degrees relative to the build plate. In excel format.

Enhanced Selective Oxidation of Benzyl Alcohol via in-situ H2O2 Production Over Supported Pd-based Catalysts - data

Caitlin M Crombie, Richard J Lewis, Rebekah L Taylor, David J Morgan, Thomas E Davies, Andrea Folli, Damien M Murphy, Jennifer K Edwards, Jizhen Qi, Haoyu Jiang, Christopher J Kiely, Xi Liu, Martin Skov Skjøth-Rasmussen & Graham J Hutchings
Catalytic testing data for the direct synthesis of H2O2, the subsequent degradation of H2O2 (presented as productivity units and/ or % as appropriate), and the oxidation of benzyl alcohol to benzaldehyde via in-situ H2O2 synthesis (presented as the conversion of benzyl alcohol and product selectivity, H2 conversion and selectivity data (%) is also provided) (as excel files). Data files related to catalyst characterisation including XPS (as VMS files ) and EPR (as PAR files) are...

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