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Data from: The phenotypic correlates and quantitative genetics of masculinization in the rodent, Octodon degus

Derek A. Roff, Matthew E. Wolak, Loreto A. Correa & Mauricio Soto-Gamboa
In some mammals female characteristics have been shown to depend in part on the intrauterine position during development of female fetuses relative to male fetuses. Females developing in close proximity to males show behavioural, physiological and life history characteristics that are masculinized. With the exception of one inconclusive study, nothing is known of the genetic basis of this phenomenon. In this paper we reported an analysis of the quantitative genetic basis of masculinization, as indicated...

I Voted For Trump

Bergis Jules
The phrase "I Voted For Trump" began trending on Twitter on August, 17th, 2017. It includes tweets from supporters and opponents of President Donald Trump. This collection contains 140,000 tweet ids. The tweet ids were collected using the DocNow tweet collection prototype tool: http://app.docnow.io/ The tweet ids can be turned back into the original tweets using the DocNow tweet hydration tool: https://github.com/docnow/hydrator#readme

Data from: Ecological and phylogenetic variability in the spinalis muscle of snakes

Jessica L. Tingle, Gabriel E.A. Gartner, Bruce C. Jayne, , G. E. A. Gartner & T. Garland
Understanding the origin and maintenance of functionally important subordinate traits is a major goal of evolutionary physiologists and ecomorphologists. Within the confines of a limbless body plan, snakes are diverse in terms of body size and ecology, but we know little about the functional traits that underlie this diversity. We used a phylogenetically diverse group of 131 snake species to examine associations between habitat use, sidewinding locomotion, and constriction behavior with the number of body...


Bergis Jules
On January 12th, 2017 the Senate voted 51-48 to approve a budget resolution as the first step in repealing the Affordable Care Act. The hashtag #SaveACA began being used heavily on Twitter the same day as a response. This dataset includes tweet ids collected on four separate occasions on January 12th and 13th, 2017 for the hashtag #SaveACA.

Data from: Fitness in invasive social wasps: the role of variation in viral load, immune response and paternity in predicting nest size and reproductive output

Jana Dobelmann, Kevin J. Loope, Erin Wilson-Rankin, Oliver Quinn, James W. Baty, Monica A. M. Gruber & Philip J. Lester
Within any one habitat, the relative fitness of organisms in a population can vary substantially. Social insects like the common wasp are among the most successful invasive animals, but show enormous variation in nest size and other fitness-related traits. Some of this variation may be caused by pathogens such as viruses that can have serious consequences in social insects, which range from reduced productivity to colony death. Both individual immune responses and colony-level traits such...

Data from: Genomic insights into adaptive divergence and speciation among malaria vectors of the Anopheles nili group

Caroline Fouet, Colince Kamdem, Stephanie Gamez & Bradley J. White
Ongoing speciation in most African malaria vectors gives rise to cryptic populations, which differ remarkably in their behaviour, ecology and capacity to vector malaria parasites. Understanding the population structure and the drivers of genetic differentiation among mosquitoes is crucial for effective disease control because heterogeneity within species contribute to variability in malaria cases and allow fractions of vector populations to escape control efforts. To examine the population structure and the potential impacts of recent large-scale...

Data from: An assessment of phylogenetic tools for analyzing the interplay between interspecific interactions and phenotypic evolution

Jonathan P. Drury, Gregory F. Grether, , Hélène Morlon & T Garland
Much ecological and evolutionary theory predicts that interspecific interactions often drive phenotypic diversification and that species phenotypes in turn influence species interactions. Several phylogenetic comparative methods have been developed to assess the importance of such processes in nature; however, the statistical properties of these methods have gone largely untested. Focusing mainly on scenarios of competition between closely-related species, we assess the performance of available comparative approaches for analyzing the interplay between interspecific interactions and species...


Bergis Jules
This is a collection of 1,430 tweet ids for tweets using the hashtag #BlackTheory collected on September 19th, 2017. The hashtag was used in a conversation started by Dr. Jessica Marie Johnson (@jmjafrx) on September 18th, 2017, where she asked people to name black theorists. See these tweets for context: https://twitter.com/jmjafrx/status/909850396377706496 and https://twitter.com/jmjafrx/status/911739572685438976


Bergis Jules
On Friday, August 11th, 2017 a large groups of racist white nationalists carrying torches marched on the University of Virginia campus in Charlottesville, VA as an intimidation tactic against proponents for the removal of confederate statues of Robert E. Lee. The Friday evening march was held ahead of a much larger racist white nationalist rally in the center of Charlottesville planned for Saturday, August 12th, 2017. This dataset includes 100,000 tweet ids collected using the...

DocNow Digital Blackness

Bergis Jules
This dataset includes 2,995 tweets collected using the keyword "BlackDigArchive" and 1,888 tweets collected using the hashtag "#BlackDigArchive". The second Documenting the Now symposium, "Digital Blackness in the Archive", was held on December 11th and 12th, 2017 and addressed issues at the intersection of archival practice and the existence of Black people on the web and social media. Invited speakers discussed their work on the Black experience in online spaces including research on joy and...

Data from: Links between plant and fungal diversity in habitat fragments of coastal shrubland

Mia R. Maltz, Kathleen K. Treseder & Krista L. McGuire
Habitat fragmentation is widespread across ecosystems, detrimentally affecting biodiversity. Although most habitat fragmentation studies have been conducted on macroscopic organisms, microbial communities and fungal processes may also be threatened by fragmentation. This study investigated whether fragmentation, and the effects of fragmentation on plants, altered fungal diversity and function within a fragmented shrubland in southern California. Using fluorimetric techniques, we assayed enzymes from plant litter collected from fragments of varying sizes to investigate enzymatic responses to...

Data from: Trait-dependent distributional shifts in fruiting of common British fungi

Alan C. Gange, Einar Heegaard, Lynne Boddy, Carrie Andrew, Paul Kirk, Rune Halvorsen, Thomas W. Kuyper, Claus Bässler, Jeffrey Diez, Jacob Heilman-Clausen, Klaus Høiland, Ulf Büntgen & Håvard Kauserud
Despite the dramatic phenological responses of fungal fruiting to recent climate warming, it is unknown whether spatial distributions of fungi have changed and to what extent such changes are influenced by fungal traits, such as ectomycorrhizal (ECM) or saprotrophic lifestyles, spore characteristics, or fruit body size. Our overall aim was to understand how climate and fungal traits determine whether and how species-specific fungal fruit body abundances have shifted across latitudes over time, using the UK...


Bergis Jules
This dataset includes 80,339 tweet ids collected on October 14th, 2017 that use the hashtag #WOCAffirmation. The hashtag was started by April Reign (@ReignOfApril) as a way to amplify voices of women of color and partly as a response to a Twitter boycott started in support of actress Rose McGowan, after she revealed that she was sexually assaulted by HarveyWeinstein. These tweets by April Reign show her calling for twitter user to use the hashtag:to...

Geographical Ecology of Dry Forest Tree Communities in the West Indies

Janet Franklin
Aim Seasonally dry tropical forest (SDTF) of the Caribbean Islands (primarily West Indies) is floristically distinct from Neotropical SDTF in Central and South America. We evaluate whether tree species composition was associated with climatic gradients or geographical distance. Turnover (dissimilarity) in species composition of different islands or among more distant sites would suggest communities structured by speciation and dispersal limitations. A nested pattern would be consistent with a steep resource gradient. Correlation of species composition...

Data from: Adult social environment alters female reproductive investment in the cricket Gryllus firmus

Lauren P. Conroy & Derek A. Roff
Phenotypically plastic responses have been increasingly documented in response to intraspecific, behavioral (often sexual) signals such as mating calls. We explored the effect of short-term exposure to male calling song on a reproductive life history trade-off in adult females of the wing dimorphic cricket species, Gryllus firmus. In G. firmus, long-winged females possess flight muscles and small ovaries immediately after the adult molt, whereas short-winged females possess small, non-functional flight muscles and large ovaries at...


Bergis Jules
This dataset contains 18, 646 tweet ids documenting the March for Black Women which was held on September 30th, 2017 in Washington D.C. The dataset contains 2,925 tweet ids for tweets that included the hashtag #marchforblackwomen and 15,271 tweet ids for tweets that included the hashtag #M4BW. The march website is here: https://www.mamablack.org/march-for-black-women

Data from: The effects of outbreeding on a parasitoid wasp fixed for infection with a parthenogenesis-inducing Wolbachia symbiont

Amelia R. I. Lindsey & Richard Stouthamer
Trichogramma wasps can be rendered asexual by infection with the maternally inherited symbiont Wolbachia. Previous studies indicate the Wolbachia strains infecting Trichogramma wasps are host-specific, inferred by failed horizontal transfer of Wolbachia to novel Trichogramma hosts. Additionally, Trichogramma can become dependent upon their Wolbachia infection for the production of female offspring, leaving them irreversibly asexual, further linking host and symbiont. We hypothesized Wolbachia strains infecting irreversibly asexual, resistant to horizontal transfer Trichogramma would show adaptation...

Data from: Age, gender, neck circumference, and Epworth sleepiness scale do not predict obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) in moderate to severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD): the challenge to predict OSA in advanced COPD

Xavier Soler, S.Y. Liao, J.M. Marin, G. Lorenzi-Filho, R. Jen, P. DeYoung, R.L. Owens, A.L. Ries & A. Malhotra
The combination of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is associated with substantial morbidity and mortality. We hypothesized that predictors of OSA among patients with COPD may be distinct from OSA in the general population. Therefore, we investigated associations between traditional OSA risk factors (e.g. age), and sleep questionnaires [e.g. Epworth Sleepiness Scale] in 44 patients with advanced COPD. As a second aim we proposed a pilot, simplified screening test for...


Bergis Jules
The hashtag #DrawingWhileBlack was started by artist, Annabelle, on September 15th, 2017 to celebrate the work of Black artists. The dataset includes 69,236 tweet ids collected 09/17/2017. Annabelle's website: http://sparklyfawn.tumblr.com/aboutme and Twitter profile: https://twitter.com/sparklyfawn


Bergis Jules
This dataset includes 10,894 tweet ids for tweets that used that hashtag #AmplifyWomen. The tweets were collected on October 14th, 2017. The hashtag started being used in response a Twitter boycott that started in support of actress Rose McGowan, after she revealed she was sexually assaulted by Harvey Weinstein. These two tweets by @bardgal and @Chatvert give some context for the purpose of the hashtag: https://twitter.com/bardgal/status/918729587625902080, https://twitter.com/Chatvert/status/918817455505575942

Data from: Chromosome arm specific patterns of polymorphism associated with chromosomal inversions in the major African malaria vector, Anopheles funestus

Colince Kamdem, Caroline Fouet & Bradley J. White
Chromosomal inversions facilitate local adaptation of beneficial mutations and modulate genetic polymorphism, but the extent of their effects within the genome is still insufficiently understood. The genome of Anopheles funestus, a malaria mosquito endemic to sub-Saharan Africa, contains an impressive number of paracentric polymorphic inversions, which are unevenly distributed among chromosomes and provide an excellent framework for investigating the genomic impacts of chromosomal rearrangements. Here we present results of a fine-scale analysis of genetic variation...

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