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Maternally-transferred thyroid hormones and life-history variation in birds

Bin-Yan Hsu Hsu, Veli-Matti Pakanen, Winnie Boner, Blandine Doligez, Tapio Eeva, Ton Groothuis, Erkki Korpimäki, Toni Laaksonen, Asmoro Lelono, Pat Monaghan, Tom Sarraude, Robert Thomson, Jere Tolvanen, Barbara Tschirren, Rodrigo Vásquez & Suvi Ruuskanen
1. In vertebrates, thyroid hormones (THs) play an important role in the regulation of growth, development, metabolism, photoperiodic responses and migration. Maternally transferred THs are important for normal early-phase embryonic development when embryos are not able to produce endogenous THs. Previous studies have shown that variation in maternal THs within the physiological range can influence offspring phenotype. 2. Given the essential functions of maternal THs in development and metabolism, THs may be a mediator of...

Data from: Quantifying the environmental limits to fire spread in grassy ecosystems

Ann Carla Staver, Anabelle Cardoso, Sally Archibald, William Bond, Corli Coetsee, Matthew Forrest, Navashni Govender, David Lehmann, Loic Makaga, Nokukhanya Mpanza, Josue Edzang Ndong, Aurelie Koumba Pambo, Tercia Strydom, David Tilman & Peter Wragg
Modeling fire spread as an infection process is intuitive: an ignition lights a patch of fuel, which infects its neighbor, and so on. Infection models produce non-linear thresholds, whereby fire spreads only when fuel connectivity and infection probability are sufficiently high. These thresholds are fundamental both to managing fire and to theoretical models of fire spread, whereas applied fire models more often apply quasi-empirical approaches. Here, we resolve this tension by quantifying thresholds in fire...

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OHS-GHS Cross Entropy Weights 1995-2011

Amy Thornton & Martin Wittenberg

Satellite telemetry data for Egyptian Geese in southern Africa

Graeme Cumming, Dominic Henry, Chevonne Reynolds & Mduduzi Ndlovu
This archive contains all currently available satellite GPS telemetry data for Egyptian Geese in southern Africa over the period from 2008 to 2016. The data were collected with two primary aims: (1) to understand the movement ecology of this species; (2) to better evaluate the potential role of Egyptian Geese in spreading avian influenza in southern Africa. Data colelction was undertaken in several phases. The first phase focused on just three sites (Manyame, Barberspan, Strandfontein)...

Plant specialisation may limit climate-induced vegetation change to within topographic and edaphic niches on a sub-Antarctic island

Michael Cramer, Michael Cramer, David Hedding, Michelle Greve, Guy Midgley & Brad Ripley
Extreme changes in temperature, rainfall and wind regimes have been correlated with plant species range expansion upslope on sub-Antarctic islands. Ongoing climatic changes are expected to continue driving changes in species distributions globally, but niche specialisations may limit the capacity for range shifts. We hypothesised that non-climatic characteristics of ecological niches of vascular plant species could limit climate induced range shifts. We determined the altitudinal ranges of vascular plant species (n=13) on sub-Antarctic Marion Island...

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Georgia Tobacco Survey 2017-2019

Taxonomy based on limited genomic markers may underestimates species diversity of rockhopper penguins and threaten their conservation

María José Frugone, Theresa Cole, María Eugenia López, Gemma Clucas, Pável Matos-Maraví, Nicolás Lois, Pierre Pistorius, Francesco Bonadonna, Phil Trathan, Andrea Polanowski, Barbara Wienecke, Andrea Raya-Rey, Klemens Pütz, Antje Steinfurth, Ke Bi, Cynthia Wang-Claypool, Rauri C. K. Bowie, Jonathan Waters, Elie Poulin & Juliana Vianna
Delimiting recently diverged species is challenging. During speciation, genetic differentiation may be distributed unevenly across the genome, as different genomic regions can be subject to different selective pressures and evolutionary histories. Reliance on limited numbers of genetic markers that may be underpowered can make species delimitation even more challenging, potentially resulting in taxonomic inconsistencies. Rockhopper penguins of the genus Eudyptes comprise three broadly recognized taxa: northern (E. moseleyi), southern (E. chrysocome), and eastern rockhopper (E....

Timing of Referral to Antiretroviral Clubs Study 2017-2018

Landon Myers

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