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Data from: Molecular data and distribution dynamics indicate a recent and incomplete separation of manakins species of the genus Antilophia (Aves: Pipridae) in response to Holocene climate change

Leilton Willians Luna, Thainara Oliveira Souza, Linconl Silva Carneiro, Weber A. De Girão E Silva, Horacio Schneider, Iracilda Sampaio, Juliana Araripe & Péricles Seno Do Rêgo
To determine a hypothetical scenario that accounts for the diversification of the two species of the genus Antilophia, we conducted multilocus molecular comparisons and species distribution modeling for the two taxa, which have distinct male plumage coloration patterns and allopatric geographic distributions, despite the high degree of genetic similarity indicated by recent studies. Three mitochondrial and three nuclear fragments were analyzed. The results indicate clear differences in the genetic diversity of the two species, but...

Data from: Linking Avicennia germinans (Acanthaceae) architecture to gall richness and abundance in Brazilian Amazon mangroves

Luzinete L. Silva, Rita C. O. Santos & Marcus E. B. Fernandes
The diversity and abundance of gall-inducing organisms are directly proportional to the structural complexity of the host plant. This hypothesis is controversial for forest environments, such as mangroves. Avicennia germinans (L.), a principal mangrove tree species found in the Neotropical region, is considered to be a superhost for gall-inducing insects. Using a Generalized Linear Mixed Model (GLMM) based on the analysis of 1000 apical branches from 50 A. germinans trees, we examined the diversity and...

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