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Data from: The heritability of chimpanzee and human brain asymmetry

Aida Gómez-Robles, William D. Hopkins, Steven J. Schapiro & Chet C. Sherwood
Human brains are markedly asymmetric in structure and lateralized in function, which suggests a relationship between these two properties. The brains of other closely related primates, such as chimpanzees, show similar patterns of asymmetry, but to a lesser degree, indicating an increase in anatomical and functional asymmetry during hominin evolution. We analysed the heritability of cerebral asymmetry in chimpanzees and humans using classic morphometrics, geometric morphometrics, and quantitative genetic techniques. In our analyses, we separated...

Data from: Interspecific Y chromosome variation is sufficient to rescue hybrid male sterility and is influenced by the grandparental origin of the chromosomes

Luciana O. Araripe, Yun Tao & Bernardo Lemos
Y chromosomes display population variation within and between species. Co-evolution within populations is expected to produce adaptive interactions between Y chromosomes and the rest of the genome. One consequence is that Y chromosomes from disparate populations could disrupt harmonious interactions between co-evolved genetic elements and result in reduced male fertility, sterility or inviability. Here we address the contribution of ‘heterospecific Y chromosomes’ to fertility in hybrid males carrying a homozygous region of Drosophila mauritiana introgressed...

Data from: Na+/K+ pump interacts with the h-current to control bursting activity in central pattern generator neurons of leeches

Daniel Kueh, William H. Barnett, Gennady S. Cymbalyuk & Ronald L. Calabrese
The dynamics of different ionic currents shape the bursting activity of neurons and networks that control motor output. Despite being ubiquitous in all animal cells, the contribution of the Na+/K+ pump current to such bursting activity has not been well studied. We used monensin, a Na+/H+ antiporter, to examine the role of the pump on the bursting activity of oscillator heart interneurons in leeches. When we stimulated the pump with monensin, the period of these...

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