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Pore scale in situ imaging of multiphase flow at steady-state for an altered mixed-wet Bentheimer sandstone

Shuangemei Zou, Yang Liu, Jianchao Cai & Ryan Armstrong
The data sets contains in situ imaged fluid distribitions for two-phase drainage at four fractional flows under steady state condition for a water-wet Bentheimer sandstone and an altered mixed-wet Bentheimer sandstone. These multiphase images are used for curvature measurement and relative permeability measurement for two wettability conditions while dry images are used for porosity and absolute permeability measurements. Further details on experimental protocols can be found in Zou (2018,2019). Data was acquired at the University...

Data from: Development time mediates the effect of larval diet on ageing and mating success of male antler flies in the wild

Christopher Angell, Mathieu Oudin, Nicolas Rode, Brian Mautz, Russell Bonduriansky & Howard Rundle
High-quality developmental environments often improve individual performance into adulthood, but allocating toward early life traits, such as growth, development rate and reproduction, may lead to trade-offs with late-life performance. It is, therefore, uncertain how a rich developmental environment will affect the ageing process (senescence), particularly in wild insects. To investigate the effects of early life environmental quality on insect life-history traits, including senescence, we reared larval antler flies (Protopiophila litigata) on four diets of varying...

Time travelling seeds reveal that plant regeneration and growth traits are responding to climate change

Susan Everingham
Studies assessing the biological impacts of climate change typically rely on long-term, historic data. Here, we overcame the problem of absent historical data by using resurrected plant seeds. We collected seed and seedling trait measurements from resurrected historic seeds and modern seeds from the same species in the same geographic location. Our modern/historic seed pairs for each species were selected from a range of regions that have undergone different amounts o climate change. In regions...

Data from: A novel real-world ecotoxicological dataset of pelagic microbial community responses to wastewater

Jamie Ruprecht, William Glamore, Katie Dafforn, Franziska Wemheuer, Sally Crane, Josie Van Dorst, Emma Johnston, Simon Mitrovic, Ian Turner, Belinda Ferrari & Simone Birrer
Real-world observational datasets that record and quantify pressure-stressor-response linkages between effluent discharges and natural aquatic systems are rare. With global wastewater volumes increasing at unprecedented rates, it is urgent that the present dataset is available to provide the necessary information about microbial community structure and functioning. Field studies were performed at two time-points in the Austral summer. Single-species and microbial community whole effluent toxicity (WET) testing was performed at a complete range of effluent concentrations...

Crossing extreme habitat boundaries: Jack-of-all-trades facilitates invasion but is eroded by adaptation to a master-of-one

Terry Ord & Peter Hundt
1. The invasion of new environments can be a key instigator of adaptive diversification, but the likelihood of such invasions succeeding can depend on the attributes of would-be invaders. Chief among these seems to be a generalist or ‘jack-off-all-trades’ phenotype. 2. Yet, despite the obvious link between habitat transitions and adaptation, we know surprisingly little about how phenotypes that might initially allow taxa to transition between habitats subsequently evolve or influence post-invasion differentiation. 3. We...

Data from: Global prevalence and burden of HIV-associated neurocognitive disorder: A meta-analysis

Yunhe Wang, Moxuan Liu, Qingdong Lu, Michael Farrell, Julia Lappin, Jie Shi, Lin Lu & Yanping Bao
Objectives: We aimed to characterise the prevalence and burden of HAND and assess associated factors in the global population with HIV. Methods: We searched PubMed and Embase for cross-sectional or cohort studies reporting the prevalence of HAND or its subtypes in HIV-infected adult populations from Jan 1, 1996, to May 15, 2020, without language restrictions. Two reviewers independently undertook the study selection, data extraction, and quality assessment. We estimated pooled prevalence of HAND by a...

Meta-analysis reveals materiomic relationships in major ampullate silk across the spider phylogeny

Hamish Craig, Dakota Piorkowski, Michael Kasumovic, Shinichi Nakagawa & Sean Blamires
Spider Major Ampullate (MA) silk, with its combination of strength and extensibility, outperforms any synthetic equivalents. There is thus much interest in understanding its underlying materiome. While expression of the different silk proteins (spidroins) appears an integral component of silk performance, our understanding of the nature of the relationship between the spidroins, their constituent amino acids, and MA silk mechanics is ambiguous. To provide clarity on these relationships across spider species we performed a meta-analysis...

Low- versus standard-dose alteplase in acute lacunar ischemic stroke: the ENCHANTED trial - online supplemental

Zien Zhou, Candice Delcourt, Chao Xia, Sohei Yoshimura, Cheryl Carcel, Takako Torii-Yoshimura, Shoujiang You, Alejandra Malavera, Xiaoying Chen, Maree Hackett, Mark Woodward, John Chalmers, Jianrong Xu, Thompson Robinson, Mark Parsons, Andrew Demchuk, Richard Lindley, Grant Mair, Joanna Wardlaw & Craig Anderson
Objective: To determine any differential efficacy and safety of low- versus standard-dose intravenous alteplase for lacunar versus non-lacunar acute ischemic stroke (AIS), we performed post-hoc analyzes from the Enhanced Control of Hypertension and Thrombolysis Stroke Study (ENCHANTED) alteplase dose-arm. Methods: In a cohort of 3297 ENCHANTED participants, we identified those with lacunar or non-lacunar AIS with different levels of confidence (definite/probable/possible) according to pre-specified definitions based on clinical and adjudicated imaging findings. Logistic regression models...

Data from: Induced defense and its cost in two bryophyte species

Yong-Da Chen, Angela Moles, Zhao-Jun Bu, Ming-Ming Zhang, Zu-Cheng Wang & Hong-Yan Zhao
PREMISE: Current knowledge about defense strategies in plants under herbivore pressure is predominantly based on vascular plants. Bryophytes are rarely consumed by herbivores since they have ample secondary metabolites. However, it is unknown whether bryophytes have induced defenses against herbivory, and whether there is a trade-off between growth and defense in bryophytes. METHODS: We carried out an experiment with two peatland bryophytes, Sphagnum magellanicum Brid. and S. fuscum (Schimp.) H. Klinggr. Two kinds of herbivory,...

River-tide interaction model

Md Wasif E Elahi
River-tide interaction in the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna Delta

A high-resolution (750m) free-running hydrodynamic simulation of the Hawkesbury Shelf region off Southeastern Australia (2012-2013) using the Regional Ocean Modeling System

Nina Ribbat, Brian Powell, Colette Kerry & Shivanesh Rao
The model output is obtained from a configuration of the Regional Ocean Modeling System (www.myroms.org) free-running, hydrodynamic simulation of the Hawkesbury Shelf region of the East Australian Current System. The model has a horizontal resolution of 750m and 30 vertical s-levels. The model domain covers the continental shelf region of southeastern Australia from 31.5S- 34.5S extending ~150km offshore, and the grid is orientated 27 degrees clockwise to be predominantly orientated alongshore. The time period covered...

Grayscale REV Analysis

Ankita Singh, Peyman Mostaghimi, Klaus Regenauer-lieb, Ryan Armstrong & Stuart Walsh
The data provided here is used to investigate the representative elementary volume (REV) size directly from grayscale micro-CT images of porous media of sandstone and carbonate. Three datasets are provided per sample: 16-bit grayscale image, 8-bit grayscale image, and segmented image. The re-quantization of a 16-bit grayscale image to 8-bit is carried out using ImageJ. The choice of intensities used carrying out this operation is provided in the supplementary information of the related publication. This...

Micro-CT scans of Mt. Simon sandstone at residual conditions used for contact angle measurements and analyzing the influence of clay regions

Laura Dalton, Dustin Crandall, James McClure, Min Fang & Ryan Armstrong
Micro-computed tomography tiff stacks of a Mt. Simon core at residual conditions. The core is from a depth of 6,926 ft, the sub-sample tested is 0.25 inch diameter by 1 inch length. This data was used to complete contact angle measurements and analyze the influence of clay-rich regions in the pore space on residual trapping efficiency.

Computed tomography coronary angiogram images, lumen annotations and associated data of healthy coronary arteries

Ramtin Gharleghi, Dona Adikari, Katy Ellenberger, Qie Shang Pua, Chi Shen, Mark Webster, Chris Ellis, Arcot Sowmya & Sze-Yuan Ooi
This dataset contains Computed Tomography Coronary Angiography images of 20 patients with no coronary disease, as well as expert segmentations of the coronary lumen, centrelines of the coronary vessels and associated shape information. https://zenodo.org/record/4530387

Experimental data compiled from HPLC

Han Xu & Jayashree Arcot
The peak area of standards and samples were inputted into the spreadsheet, calculated and interpreted.

Lessons from a century of conservation translocations

Shane D Morris, Barry W Brook, Katherine E Moseby & Christopher N Johnson
Translocation—moving individuals for release in new locations—is among the most important conservation interventions for increasing or re-establishing populations of threatened species. However, translocations often fail. To improve their effectiveness, we need to understand the features that distinguish successful from failed translocations. Here, we assembled and analysed a global database of translocations of terrestrial vertebrates (n=514) to assess the effects of various design features and extrinsic factors on success. Unlike previous reviews, we analysed outcomes using...

Conspicuous animal signals avoid the cost of predation by being intermittent or novel: confirmation in the wild using hundreds of robotic prey

Terry Ord
Social animals are expected to face a trade-off between producing a signal that is detectible by mates and rivals, but not obvious to predators. This trade-off is fundamental for understanding the design of many animal sig- nals, and is often the lens through which the evolution of alternative communication strategies is viewed. We have a reasonable working knowl- edge of how conspecifics detect signals under different conditions, but how predators exploit conspicuous communication of prey...

Impact of changes in southern hemisphere westerlies on Southern Ocean CO2 uptake

Paul Spence & Darryn Waugh
Impact of changes in southern hemisphere westerlies on Southern Ocean CO2 uptake as simulated in an eddy-permitting ocean, sea-ice, carbon cycle model. A series of wind perturbation experiments is performed and the impact on anthropogenic and natural CO2 fluxes is investigated. Changes in DIC are also studied.

Impact of Southern Ocean convection on the climate and carbon cycle

Laurie Menviel
Transient simulations of the last glacial period performed with two Earth System models of intermediate complexity (LOVECLIM and the UVic ESM). The impact of North Atlantic meltwater input, and Southern Ocean convection on climate and carbon cycle are studied.

LOVECLIM ocean and sea-ice results

Laurie Menviel, Ryan Green & Katrin Meissner
LOVECLIM sea ice, SST, and ocean temperature data for both LOVECLIM 1 and 2 which were used for this project

Evaluation of Capillary Pressure in Digital Rock Petrophysics

Christoph Arns, , , &

Mt. Simon Sandstone with Mineral Map

James McClure, Ryan Armstrong, Ming Fan, Dustin Crandall & Laura Dalton

Data from: Animal models to understand the etiology and pathophysiology in polycystic ovary syndrome

Elisabet Stener-Victorin, Vasantha Padmanabhan, Kirsty A Walters, Rebecca E Campbell, Anna Benrick, Paolo Giacobini, Daniel A Dumesic & David H Abbott
More than one out of ten women worldwide are diagnosed with the leading cause of female reproductive and metabolic dysfunction, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Despite its high prevalence, PCOS and its accompanying morbidities are likely under-diagnosed, averaging >2 years and 3 physicians changes before women are diagnosed. Despite intensive research, the underlying cause(s) of PCOS have yet to be defined. In order to understand PCOS pathophysiology, its developmental origins, and how to predict and prevent...

Environmental cues for dispersal in a filamentous fungus in simulated islands

Justin Chan, Stephen Bonser, Jeff Powell & William Cornwell
Airborne dispersal is a key part of the life history of many saprotrophic fungi. Theory suggests a transition from growth and resource capture to airborne dispersal at some point as the resource availability in a patch declines, but in the absence of an experimental model system this theory has not been empirically tested. For saprobes, resources are arrayed in an ever-shifting archipelago of islands with the quality of each island being defined by patch size...

Data from: Changes in ecosystem properties after postfire management strategies in wildfire affected areas

Manuel Esteban Lucas Borja, Manuel Delgado-Baquerizo, Miriam Muñoz-Rojas, Pedro Antonio Plaza-Alvarez, Maria Elena Gómez Sanchez, Javier González Romero, Esther Peña-Molina, Daniel Moya & Jorge De Las Heras
1. Forest are highly vulnerable to global change drivers, such as an increase in wildfire events. Learning more about how and why different postfire management strategies regulate the ability of forest ecosystem properties (e.g., plant diversity and function) to simultaneously recover after wildfire and provide multiple ecosystem functions is of critical importance. 2. This study aims to evaluate how unburned, burned managed and burned unmanaged plots regulate the responses of multiple forest ecosystem properties (e.g.,...

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