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A Double-Blinded, Randomised, Placebo-Controlled Trial of Antibiotic Prophylaxis in Elective Non-Hysterectomy Laparoscopic Surgery for Benign Gynaecological Conditions

Claire Lim, Jason Abbott, Stephanie Roydhouse, Lalla Mccormack, Rebecca Deans & Erin Nesbitt-Hawes
This dataset is for a study that aims to determine the feasibility of a double-blinded randomised, placebo-controlled study in determining the effectiveness of antibiotic prophylaxis in preventing postoperative infections in elective non-hysterectomy laparoscopic procedures for benign gynaecological conditions. Participants were randomly allocated into one of two groups - receiving 2g cephazolin and placebo (10mL normal saline) preoperatively. Data was collected pre-, intra- and post-operatively, including follow-up data collected at 2- and 6-weeks postoperatively. Primary outcomes...

Host genetics, phenotype and geography structure the microbiome of a foundational seaweed

Georgina Wood, Georgina Wood, Peter Steinberg, Alexandra Campbell, Adriana Verges, Melinda Coleman & Ezequiel Marzinelli
Interactions between hosts and their microbiota are critical to the functioning and resilience of eukaryotic macro-organisms. Critically, for hosts that play foundational roles in communities, understanding what drives these interactions is essential for informing restoration and conservation of entire ecosystems. Here, we investigated the relative influence of host traits and the surrounding environment on microbial communities associated with the foundational seaweed Phyllospora comosa. We collected data on 16 morphological and functional phenotypic traits, host genetics...

Historical museum samples enable the examination of divergent and parallel evolution during invasion

Katarina Stuart, William Sherwin, Jeremy Austin, Melissa Bateson, Marcel Eens, Matthew Brandley & Lee Rollins
During the Anthropocene, Earth has experienced unprecedented habitat loss, native species decline, and global climate change. Concurrently, greater globalisation is facilitating species movement, increasing the likelihood of alien species establishment and propagation. There is a great need to understand what influences a species’ ability to persist or perish within a new or changing environment. Examining genes that may be associated with a species’ invasion success or persistence informs invasive species management, assists with native species...

Data from: Pathogen spillover driven by rapid changes in bat ecology. Dataset A: Register of Hendra virus spillovers to horses

Peggy Eby, Alison Peel, Andrew Hoegh, Wyatt Madden, John Giles, Peter Hudson & Raina Plowright

PAART study data for cognitive change analysis

Krista Siefried & Lucette Cysique
This two-year cohort study known as the Predictors of Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy (PAART) study was conducted between September 2013 and November 2015 to evaluate factors influecncing sub-optimal adherance to anti-retroviral trreatment among people living with HIV (PLHIV). A total of 522 PLHIV who had a plasma viral load <50 copies/ml participated in this study. Participants were recruited from 17 HIV care services across Australia. As part of the study assessment, cognitive screening data was...

Global analysis of floral longevity reveals latitudinal gradients and biotic and abiotic correlates

Bo Song, Lu Sun, Spencer Barrett, Angela Moles, Ya-Huang Luo, Scott Armbruster, Yong-Qian Gao, Shuang Zhang, Zhi-Qiang Zhang & Hang Sun
The length of time a flower remains open and functional – floral longevity – governs important reproductive processes influencing pollination and mating and varies considerably among angiosperm species. However, little is known about large-scale biogeographic patterns and the correlates of floral longevity. Using published data on floral longevity from 818 angiosperm species in 134 families and 472 locations worldwide, we present the first global quantification of the latitudinal pattern of floral longevity and the relationships...

Incubation mound-building by the Australian megapode (Malleefowl, Leipoa ocellata) creates novel, resource-rich patches in a semi-arid woodland

Heather Neilly, Peter Cale & David Eldridge
Desert ecosystems are characterised by a patchy distribution of resources. Nutrient sinks associated with landscape modulators (trees) differ markedly from the resource-poor interpatch matrix. Fauna can also act as landscape modulators, modifying patch dynamics by redistributing resources via 'ecosystem engineering’. In semi-arid woodlands, malleefowl (Leipoa ocellata: Megapodiidae) reconfigure surface characteristics by scavenging leaf litter to construct large incubation mounds. The extent to which this movement of resources creates a novel patch and alters extant patches...

Data supporting: Success of post-fire plant recovery strategies varies with shifting fire seasonality

Ryan Tangney, Ruby Paroissien, Tom Le Breton, Alexandria Thomsen, Chantelle Doyle, Russell Miller & Ben Miller
Wildfires are increasing in size and severity and fire seasons are lengthening, largely driven by climate and land use change. Many plant species from fire prone ecosystems are adapted to specific fire regimes corresponding to historical conditions and shifts beyond these bounds may have severe impacts on vegetation recovery and long-term species persistence. Here, we conduct a meta-analysis of field-based studies across different vegetation types and climate regions to investigate how post-fire plant recruitment, reproduction...

Effects of genetic vs. environmental quality on condition-dependent morphological and life history traits in a neriid fly

Russell Bonduriansky & Amy Hooper
Condition is assumed to reflect both genes and environment, enabling condition-dependent signals to reveal genetic quality. However, because the phenotypic effects of variation in genetic quality could be masked by environmental heterogeneity, the contribution of genetic quality to phenotypic variation in fitness-related traits and condition-dependent signals remains unclear. We compared effects of ecologically relevant manipulations of environmental quality (nutrient dilution in the larval diet) and genetic quality (one generation of inbreeding) on male and female...

Data from: Pathogen spillover driven by rapid changes in bat ecology. Dataset G: Assessments of pre-weaning reproductive output

Peggy Eby, Alison Peel, Andrew Hoegh, Wyatt Madden, John Giles, Peter Hudson & Raina Plowright

Data from: female preference for super-sized male ornaments and its implications for the evolution of ornament allometry

Terry Ord & Thomas Summers
It has been argued that disproportionately larger ornaments in bigger males—positive allometry—is the outcome of sexual selection operating on the size of condition dependent traits. We reviewed the literature and found a general lack of empirical testing of the assumed link between female preferences for large ornaments and a pattern of positive allometry in male ornamentation. We subsequently conducted a manipulative experiment by leveraging the unusual terrestrial fish, Alticus sp. cf. simplicirrus, on the island...

Individual repeatability of avian migration phenology: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Kirsty Franklin, Malcolm Nicoll, Simon Butler, Ken Norris, Norman Ratcliffe, Shinichi Nakagawa & Jennifer Gill
Changes in phenology and distribution are being widely reported for many migratory species in response to shifting environmental conditions. Understanding these changes and the situations in which they occur can be aided by understanding consistent individual differences in phenology and distribution and the situations in which consistency varies in strength or detectability. Studies tracking the same individuals over consecutive years are increasingly reporting migratory timings to be a repeatable trait, suggesting that flexible individual responses...

Data from: Why does the complexity of functionally equivalent signals vary across closely related species?

Terry Ord, Claire Nelson & William Sherwin
Animal signals are observed to vary widely in complexity among species, but why this should be the case—especially among closely related taxa—is unclear. Identifying the selective forces that drive these differences is important for understanding signal evolution, as well as the origins of communication more generally. We used a measure derived from information theory to quantify the complexity of visual territorial advertisement displays performed by males of closely related taxa of Puerto Rican Anolis lizard....

Understanding the role of cytoplasmic strings in human blastocysts: a detailed analysis of 1152 blastocysts

Jessica Eastick
1152 human blastocysts from 225 patients undergoing IVF and ICSI. Cultured in an Embryoscope+ assessed for CS using the timelapse images. Excel spreadsheet

Additional file 4 of Adeno-associated virus-based caveolin-1 delivery via different routes for the prevention of cholesterol gallstone formation

Sha Li, Hongtan Chen, Xin Jiang, Fengling Hu, Yiqiao Li & Guoqiang Xu
Supplementary Material 4

Additional file 2 of A centenary tale: population genetic insights into the introduction history of the oriental fire-bellied toad (Bombina orientalis) in Beijing

Shan Zhang, Meixi Lin, Jiawei Liu, Jiangce Chen, Dong Liu, Jindong Zhao & Meng Yao
Additional file 2: Data S1. Individual mitochondrial DNA haplotypes and microsatellite genotype data.

Mapping the availability of translated versions of posttraumatic stress disorder screening questionnaires for adults: A scoping review

Joel Hoffman, Ziv Ben-Zion, Adrián Arévalo, Or Duek, Talya Greene, Brian J. Hall, Ilan Harpaz-Rotem, Belinda Liddell, Cosima Locher, Naser Morina, Angela Nickerson, Monique C. Pfaltz, Matthis Schick, Ulrich Schnyder, Soraya Seedat, Fatlinda Shatri, Hao Fong Sit, Roland von Känel & Tobias R. Spiller
Background: The most used questionnaires for PTSD screening in adults were developed in English. Although many of these questionnaires were translated into other languages, the procedures used to translate them and to evaluate their reliability and validity have not been consistently documented. This comprehensive scoping review aimed to compile the currently available translated and evaluated questionnaires used for PTSD screening, and highlight important gaps in the literature. Objective: This review aimed to map the availability...

Additional file 7 of Folate regulates RNA m5C modification and translation in neural stem cells

Xiguang Xu, Zachary Johnson, Amanda Wang, Rachel L. Padget, James W. Smyth & Hehuang Xie
Additional file 7. Combined raw data, with each figure on a spreadsheet.

Additional file 5 of Folate regulates RNA m5C modification and translation in neural stem cells

Xiguang Xu, Zachary Johnson, Amanda Wang, Rachel L. Padget, James W. Smyth & Hehuang Xie
Additional file 5: Table 4. List of differentially translated genes.

Landscape-based Evolutionary Algorithms for Dynamic Optimization Problems

Kangjing LI
These data include c++ code, experimental data and analysis results of thesis “Landscape-based Evolutionary Algorithms for Dynamic Optimization Problems” by Kangjing Li.

The injuries of spleen and intestinal immune system induced by 2-Gy 60Co γ-ray whole-body irradiation

An Wang, Zhongyu Shi, Lei Wang, Yan Wang, Xiaoying Chen, Changhao He, Xiaomeng Zhang, Wenhui Xu, Qian Fu, Tieshan Wang, Shujing Zhang, Yushan Gao & Sumin Hu
Purpose: The aim of the present study was to investigate the injuries of spleen and intestinal immune system induced by 2 Gy 60Co γ ray in mice. Materials and methods: A total of 120 Balb/c mice were randomly divided into two groups: blank control (Ctrl) and model (IR). The IR mice were exposed to a single dose of total body irradiation (2 Gy, dose rate: 1 Gy/min) and sacrificed on 1st, 3rd, 7th, 14th and...

A high-resolution, 1-year, suite of 4D-Var Observing System Simulation Experiments of the East Australian Current System using the Regional Ocean Modeling System

David Gwyther, Colette Kerry, Moninya Roughan & Shane Keating
This data is output from the Regional Ocean Modeling System (ROMS) simulations that comprise a suite of four 4D-Var Observing System Simulation Experiments (OSSEs) and one free-running simulation of the East Australian Current (EAC). The model has a horizontal resolution of 2.5-6 km in the cross shelf direction and 5 km in the along shelf direction, and 30 vertical s-levels. The model domain covers the southeastern Australia oceanic region from 25.1-41.5°S and 147.1-162.2°E, and the...

Sensitivity of Observationally Based Estimates of Ocean Heat Content and Thermal Expansion to Vertical Interpolation Schemes

John Church, Trevor McDougall & Paul Barker
The Earth is warming as a result of increasing greenhouse gas concentrations. About 90% of the additional energy stored in the climate system since the 1950s is in the ocean, with about 60% of the ocean storage in the upper 700 db. Our recent research (Li et al. Accepted 2022) has shown that accurate estimates of the ocean warming require accurate interpolation between the sparse sampling depths of historical profiles. Using a non-linear vertical interpolation...

Characterisation and Modification of the Optical Properties of Zirconia-Based Ceramics for Aesthetic Dental Restorations

Reza Shahmiri
The use of 3Y-TZP for monolithic dental restorations is well established in the dentistry field. However, the challenges of colour matching generally necessitates the application of layering, although this introduces a second layer of uncertainty. The present work aimed to examine the relevant factors of sintering temperature (1h, 2 h, 4h at 1400°C, 1500°C, 1600°C) and post-sintering annealing conditions (1 min at 750°C) commensurate with the processes of layering, which are done in two atmospheric...

Experimental evidence that leaf litter decomposability and flammability are decoupled across gymnosperm species

Shudong Zhang, William K. Cornwell, Weiwei Zhao, Richard S.P. Van Logtestijn, Eveline J. Krab, Rien Aerts & Johannes H.C. Cornelissen
1. Biological decomposition and wildfire are two predominant and alternative processes that can mineralize organic C in forest litter. Currently, the relationships between decomposition and fire are still poorly understood. 2. We provide an empirical test of the hypothesized decoupling of surface litter bed decomposability and flammability, and the underlying traits and trait spectra. 3. We employed a 41-species set of gymnosperms of very broad evolutionary and geographic spread, because of the wide range of...

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