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Return of forest structure and diversity in tropical restoration plantings

Luis Carlos Beltrán, Henry F. Howe & Cristina Martínez-Garza
Stepping-stone restoration plantings can reconcile conservation goals and local land use needs in highly fragmented ecosystems. We explored how initial planting composition influences recruiting plant species density, diversity, abundance, and forest structure in a 13-year-old restoration experiment in Los Tuxtlas, Veracruz, Mexico. Treatments included 8 fenced plantings with animal-dispersed species, 8 plantings with wind-dispersed species, 8 unplanted plots to favor natural succession, and 8 plots in the primary forest as reference sites. We predicted that...

A non-parametric model-free analysis of actigraphic recordings of acute insomnia patients

Arlex Marín-García, Ruben Fossion, Markus Franziskus Müller, Wady Ríos-Herrera & Ana Leonor Rivera
Both parametric and non-parametric approaches to time series analysis have advantages and disadvantages. Parametric methods, although powerful and widely used, can yield inconsistent results due to the oversimplification of the observed phenomena, they require the setting of arbitrary constants for their creation and refinement, and, although these constants relate to assumptions about the observed systems, it can lead to erroneous results when treating a very complex problem with a sizable list of unknowns. Their non-parametric...

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  • 2022

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