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Data from: The last bastion? X chromosome genotyping of Anopheles gambiae species pair males from a hybrid zone reveals complex recombination within the major candidate ‘genomic island of speciation’

Beniamino Caputo, Verena Pichler, Emiliano Mancini, Marco Pombi, Josè L. Vicente, Joao Dinis, Keith Steen, Vincenzo Petrarca, Amabelia Rodrigues, Joao Pinto, Alessandra Della Torre & David Weetman
Speciation with gene flow may be aided by reduced recombination helping to build linkage between genes involved in the early stages of reproductive isolation. Reduced recombination on chromosome X has been implicated in speciation within the Anopheles gambiae complex, species of which represent the major Afrotropical malaria vectors. The most recently diverged, morphologically indistinguishable, species pair, A. gambiae and Anopheles coluzzii, ubiquitously displays a ‘genomic island of divergence’ spanning over 4 Mb from chromosome X...

Data from: Perceptions of research bronchoscopy in Malawian adults with pulmonary tuberculosis: a cross-sectional study.

Andrew D. McCallum, Deborah Nyirenda, Wezzie Lora, Saye H. Khoo, Derek J. Sloan, Henry C. Mwandumba, Nicola Desmond & Geraint R. Davies
Bronchoscopy is an established research tool in Malawi, enabling collection of pulmonary samples for immunological, pharmacological, and microbiological studies. It is, however, an invasive clinical procedure that offers no direct benefit to volunteering participants when used in a research capacity alone, and thus informed consent is essential. This study aimed to explore TB patients’ understanding of research bronchoscopy, what would motivate them to participate in research bronchoscopy, and their concerns, in order to inform consenting...

Data from: The impact of pyrethroid resistance on the efficacy and effectiveness of bednets for malaria control in Africa

Thomas S Churcher, Natalie Lissenden, Jamie T. Griffin, Eve Worrall & Hilary Ranson
Long lasting pyrethroid treated bednets are the most important tool for preventing malaria. Pyrethroid resistant Anopheline mosquitoes are now ubiquitous in Africa though the public health impact remains unclear, impeding the deployment of more expensive nets. Meta-analyses of bioassay studies and experimental hut trials are used to characterise how pyrethroid resistance changes the efficacy of standard bednets, and those containing the synergist piperonyl butoxide (PBO), and assess its impact on malaria control. New bednets provide...

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  • 2016

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  • Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
  • Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital
  • Universidade Nova de Lisboa
  • University of Malawi
  • University of Liverpool
  • Istituto Pasteur