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Data from: Opsin genes of select treeshrews resolve ancestral character states within Scandentia

Gwen Duytschaever, Mareike C. Janiak, Perry S. Ong, Konstans Wells, Nathaniel J. Dominy & Amanda D. Melin
Treeshrews are small, squirrel-like mammals in the order Scandentia, which is nested together with Primates and Dermoptera in the superordinal group Euarchonta. They are often described as living fossils, and researchers have long turned to treeshrews as a model or ecological analogue for ancestral primates. A comparative study of colour vision-encoding genes within Scandentia found a derived amino acid substitution in the long-wavelength sensitive opsin gene (OPN1LW) of the Bornean smooth-tailed treeshrew (Dendrogale melanura). The...

Data from: Establishing rates of carbon sequestration in mangroves from an earthquake uplift event

Severino G. Salmo, Vanessa Malapit, Maria Carmela A. Garcia & Homer M. Pagkalinawan
We assessed the carbon stocks (CS) in mangroves that developed after a Magnitude 7.1 earthquake in Silonay, Oriental Mindoro, south Luzon, Philippines in November 1994. The earthquake resulted in a 50 cm uplift of sediment that provided new habitat within the upper intertidal zone which mangroves colonized (from < 2 ha pre-earthquake to the current 45 ha, 23 yrs post-earthquake). The site provided opportunity for a novel assessment of the rate of carbon sequestration in...

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  • 2019

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  • University of the Philippines Diliman
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