Data from: Transcriptomic inspection revealed a possible pathway regulating the formation of the high-quality brush hair in Chinese Haimen goat (Capra hircus)

Dejun Ji, Bo Yang, Yongjun Li, Miaoying Cai, Wei Zhang, Guohu Cheng & Haiyan Guo
The high-quality brush hair, or Type III brush hair, is coarse hair but with a tip and little medulla, which uniquely grows in the cervical carina of Chinese Haimen goat (Capra hircus). To unveil the mechanism of the formation of Type III brush hair in Haimen goats, transcriptomic RNAseq technology was used for screening of differentially expressed genes (DEGs) in the skin samples of the Type III and the non-Type III hair goats, and these...

Registration Year

  • 2017

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  • Dataset


  • Yangzhou University